Tuesday, August 31, 2010

America's Portion Control is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you noticed that over the years the serving sizes get bigger and bigger??? Well, so do we!!! It's crazy! I went to Baskin Robbins last night and wanted a single scoop cone. Not a big deal right? It's all about portion control! The guy handed me a single scoop on a small cone and the scoop was HUGE...I mean REALLY HUGE! I would have considered it 3 scoops! What is wrong with America?? We are killing ourselves! You go to a McDonalds...and the small fry is what the large fry use to be years ago...crazy huh? We don't want out kids drinking sodas...or at least some of us don't...but you walk into 7-11 and the smallest soda you can get from the fountain machine is what I would consider a large....seriously??? UGH! I went to PF Chang's for lunch with some girlfriends over the weekend. I ordered the vegetarian fried rice made with brown rice instead of white. Obviously I was trying to watch what I was eating. When they brought my meal to me I about fell out! It was a GYNORMOUS portion. I asked the waiter to box up half of it. He said "Sure, once you are finished I will box up the second half"...I was like NO....I need you to box up half of it before I start eating it or I will eat the WHOLE thing! He kindly boxed up half of my meal for me before I even started in on it. That is the way to do it! Ask you waiter to box up half of your meal as soon as you get it...because chances are the amount you will get would be plenty for 2 or maybe even 3 meals!

Crazy stuff! I just had to vent a little. It confuses me why we do this to ourselves. I am going to open a restaurant that is called "Portion Control". I would serve healthy NON processed food and the portions you would receive would be what you should be eating! Gosh, women around the world would LOVE me! I would probably make millions....hmmmmm??? Here is an article I found...interesting!


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