Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Goals 1-31-11

It's been a great year so far! I am still struggling with a few areas in life...but don't we all?? Yoga is finally starting to fit in my schedule more then it did before. I am really excited about how much my life and body will change from Yoga! I would do the whole before and after picture thing...but not sure about it yet:-) This week I am focusing on mostly the same things. I will not give up on where I want to be....even if it takes me my whole life to get there!

1. Yoga/Walking 3 times a week at least!

2. Lots of water

3. Lots of reading

4. Get up earlier during the week

5. Keep pushing Thomas in the right direction:-)

6. Try to do something for

7. Vitamins

8. Lots of sleep

9. Eat healthy and watch your portions

10. Finish the kids playroom!

Weekly Goal Results 1-24-11

1. Don't make any big plans...take a week to chill - I did...and it was a great productive week

2. Yoga/Walking 3-4 times this week - YES...finally!!!!!! whooot whooot!

3. Vitamins DAILY! - Every day!

4. LOTS of water:-) - Every least 8 glasses...usually more because of Yoga

5. Finish playroom - Almost....

6. Finish Brittany's pictures - Almost

7. NO eating out! - Ate out twice...dang it!

8. Work on a scrap page and prayer box - Not at all:-(

9. PORTION CONTROL!!! Did ok on this....not great though:-(

10. Help keep Thomas on track:-) Yep...he had a good week!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I miss my sweet boy Braxton:-(

Today when I got the mail there was a package from our vets office. I wasn't sure what it could be. I opened it and it was a imprint of Braxtons paw. I think it might be the cutest thing ever. It made me cry...I miss him so much:-( I sure do wish he was still here and healthy! What a neat thing for a vets office to do!!!

RIP sweet boy! Oh how I miss your sweet face....

Sunday, January 23, 2011


One of my New Year Resolutions was to do more stuff for ME this year. As a Mom and a wife I tend to work so hard at taking care of my family that I forget to take care of myself. I set up a GNO with some friends and we had an absolute blast. Long story short I ended up with 7 tickets for the Nuclear Cowboyz show in Dallas. It's a show that has crazy dirt bike riders doing flips...tricks..etc. What a perfect way to spend a GNO. We all met up and had dinner at my FAVE mexican joint...then went to the show. I had more fun then I have had in a long time!! What a great group of girls:-) I really enjoy hanging out with all of them!! Looking forward to another GNO soon!

Weekly Goals 1-24-11

I hope to have a better week this week...and to stay more focused. I kind of lost track last week.

1. Don't make any big plans...take a week to chill

2. Yoga/Walking 3-4 times this week

3. Vitamins DAILY!

4. LOTS of water:-)

5. Finish playroom

6. Finish Brittany's pictures

7. NO eating out!

8. Work on a scrap page and prayer box


10. Help keep Thomas on track:-)

Weekly Goal Results 1-17-11

1. Walk 20-30 minutes 3x this week - I am almost there...but not quite:-( Will keep working towards this goal!
2. Yoga at least 3x this week - Same with this one...almost there...but not quite!
3. Portion control - I was really good at home and during the week...but not so much this weekend...I need to pay attention to my portion control at all times!
4. LOTS OF WATER - YES!! Lots...every day!
5. Finish the kids playroom - Just couldn't quite find the extra time...will plan to finish next week.
6. No eating out! - Only for GNO...which was planned....but we didn't all week...I made dinner every night.
7. Work with Thomas on school work and staying organized - Yes...he is getting there...but he is 14...ugh!
8. FINISH pictures of Silke and Brittany - Finally finished Silke's pics...will finish Brittany's this week!
9. Work on prayer box - No...but I added quite a few prayers to it this week:-)
10. Get plenty of sleep and work on getting up earlier during the week:-)- Yes! I felt great this week!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Schedule.......

This week I started my new work schedule. I was a little nervous about it...everyone kept saying..."be really careful working from home"...."you have the be really disciplined to work from home"...etc... Now that I have made it through my first week I get an idea of what it will be like and I LOVE it!

I know that there are some people that can't work from home because of the lack of self discipline and then there are some that just don't want to work from home. Working from home really helps me with time I have to spend with my family....which means more to me then anything! I am not working from home full time...and don't think I would want to. It would be too lonely:-(

I work from home 3 days a week...and it's perfect! I get SOOOOO much work done from home. There are no interruptions....other then phone calls. When I am in the office people can stop by anytime to chat....but not at home. I also feel that I am more creative at home...which helps my job. I think it's just because I am so comfortable at allows me to be creative:-)

I will not have any problems with "not working" while I am at home. It's pretty simple. I am the only Research Director for my company...and if the works not getting done....I am not doing it...and it won't take long for people to see that...and I will lose my job. So, it's not that hard to work from home. I love my home...and would like to keep it.....must have a job to pay the bills....pretty simple really!

There are some advantages of being at home a few days a week. First of all....I was driving an hour each way to and from work every it's saving me money!! It also gives me more time at home with my family! On the days I am 5pm...I close my computer and I don't have an hour (sometimes more) drive home...I am already I have more time to help Thomas with laundry....cook dinner....etc:-)

Life is really good! This really couldn't have worked out any better for me! I am truly blessed:-) and VERY grateful!

Review - "Water for Elephants"

I posted a while back that our book club was going to read "Water for Elephants". I had never heard of the book...but was eager to read something new! See post below.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

It was a great story! Easy to read and follow. I didn't like the sexual descriptions in the book and felt that they were NOT necessary at all.
I enjoyed the way the story was presented...going back and forth from present to past. I also thought it was a great love story:-) Some of it was sad...but in my opinion very realistic to the way some circus's are run.

I would recommend this book to certain people...but because of the sexual descriptions I wouldn't be able to recommend it to everyone:-(

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Book Club book "The Guardian"

I actually read this book a long time ago...but am looking forward to reading it again:-) It's a great story...and I don't remeber all of the reading it again will be good. I will meet up with my friends in about a month to talk about everyones thoughts on the book....then start a new one! I am really diggin' this whole "book club" thing! It's a lots of fun and is allowing me to meet lots of new people! LOVE IT!


Julie Barenson becomes a widow at 25 when her new husband Jim dies of cancer. After his death, a puppy is delivered to her house with a backdated note from Jim saying he wants her to be happy. She names the dog Singer and tries to move on with her life in a small coastal North Carolina town.
Years pass and Singer grows into his Great Dane frame. Julie tests the dating waters with Richard Franklin, a consultant new to town. Jim's best friend Mike realizes he loves Julie, but must watch from the wings as she goes out with Richard. After a few dates, Julie breaks up with Richard and Mike gets the nerve to tell Julie how he feels.
However, Richard isn't ready to let Julie go. A budding relationship between Julie and Mike is strained by Richard's obsessive behavior. Even Singer is suspicious of Richard and asserts his role as The Guardian.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Goals 1-17-11

This week I start my new schedule at work and I have planned to become very strict on my workout schedule as well! Let's see how the week goes!!!

1. Walk 20-30 minutes 3x this week
2. Yoga at least 3x this week
3. Portion control
5. Finish the kids playroom
6. No eating out!
7. Work with Thomas on school work and staying organized
8. FINISH pictures of Silke and Brittany
9. Work on prayer box
10. Get plenty of sleep and work on getting up earlier during the week:-)

Great service at Church today:-)

Today our Pastor talked about redefining normal. It was a really good service. They talked about how we become so use to small changes in our lives that they become the new "normal" when they really aren't the "normal"..we just adapt to the change.

They talked about how we need to make the effort to become more involved in Church. Going to Church is good for you....but it's the easiest step. Getting involved with the Church and truly living your life through Christ is the hard part because it takes effort.

They handed out a book at the end of service called "Radical". It's a book that challenges you to live your life fully through Christ. I am going to check it out and see what I think.

I am still very wishy washy about how I feel about Christ. I am not sure where I stand. I do know that I would like to get more involved in the Church...and meet more people that are involved in the Church and see what I can learn from new relationships.

In his very provocative book, Radical, David Platt challenges the status quo and the way the Church does business. Arguing that American church culture runs counter to the gospel, he compels readers to forsake the American Dream "in radical abandonment to the person and purpose of Jesus Christ." He contends that taking back our faith involves actively and seriously committing ourselves to spread the gospel to all nations, owning responsibility for helping others grow in Christ, and literally caring for the poor. He then shows how we can reclaim our faith by obeying the words of Jesus, trusting God and focusing on heaven.

Weekly Goal Results 1-10-11

1. Yoga and or workout at home 4 times this week:-) - Almost...I am getting there!
2. Portion sodas...low carbs and sugar...vitamins every day! - Did GREAT on this every day except one....but you have to give yourself one day to eat what you want right?
3. Finish home office - Yes! I am ready to start my new work schedule tomorrow:-)
4. Finish kids play room - No...not yet. I will work on it this week. It;s clean and the posters are I just need to hang them up
5. Keep up with all laundry! - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Get 8 hours of sleep every night! - Yep!
7. Finish Prayer Box - No...need to work on it
8. Finish editing Brittany's photos and Silke's photos - ALMOST done!
9. No eating out and no extra spending - Did great here!!!!!!!!!!
10. Finish Something Blue and start on Water for Elephants for book club:-) - YES!

Overall it has been a great week! I worked really hard to stay on track.I didn't do everything I wanted but I came pretty darn close and that is good enough for me:-) There is always next week to improve!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Goals 1/10/11

Ok,,,the holidays are past....the New Year has begun...and it's time to get back into a routine and start making myself weekly goals again. I really enjoy doing this. It gives me things to focus on week to week. I don't always reach the goals I set out for....but I always try!! These are the things that I was to accomplish this week!!

1. Yoga and or workout at home 4 times this week:-)
2. Portion sodas...low carbs and sugar...vitamins every day!
3. Finish home office
4. Finish kids play room
5. Keep up with all laundry!
6. Get 8 hours of sleep every night!
7. Finish Prayer Box
8. Finish editing Brittany's photos and Silke's photos
9. No eating out and no extra spending
10. Finish Something Blue and start on Water for Elephants for book club:-)

It's going to be a great week I can feel it!!!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Something borrowed....finished reading it! Now....Something Blue

I posted a while back about this book I was starting called "Something Borrowed".

I was already half way through the second book of the series "Something Blue" before I knew that it was the second book of the series LOL! I got the first book "Something Borrowed" and just finished it. Now, I can pick up where I left off on "Something Blue".

This is a great series. If you have a woman that loves a little drama....lots of romance...and quite a bit of humor then you will love this series.

I can't wait to see what happens with Darcy...gosh...she is such a mess. It just goes to show that the "pretty girl" doesn't always get the best end of the deal!

Now I am moving on to read "Something Blue".

Thomas's New Look!

Thomas has been BEGGING me to get his hair highlighted for a long time and I have said I finally gave in and decided to let the boy get his hair did:-) The ladies that do his hair are great! They didn't make the highlights look all splotchy...and the blonde is golden...not white! I LOVE IT! He looks great:-)

My little boy is growing into his olw person. He isn't a baby anymore and he know what he wants...the style he likes....the music he likes..etc... Makes me fee old:-)

It's funny...this morning I walked into his room to get him up for breakfast and he had music playing and his room what lit up by his big black light...reminded me of me when I was his age:-) He is a lot like me when I was that age....scary!

Gettin' my butt back into shape!!!

It's time to get back into shape....I have been slackin':-(

I got a free 2011 calendar in the mail...and I am going to use it to track my weight and my workouts. Last week wasn't great in the working out area...but my eating habits are getting a lot better! I am paying close attention to my portions and carbs.

This week I plan to stay focused on what I am eating and work out more. The week after that I will start working from home which will allow me to make it to the 5:30 Yoga class 3 days a week!! WHOOOT WHOOOOT!! I am so excited!

3 days during the week of day on the weekend and eating right...I will be back in shape in NO time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to this change in my life:-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Power Thought of the Day

I am willing to get go.
I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me.

Like this one:-) Perfect for the New Year. A great time to let some thing go!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Club! "Water for Elephants"

Me and a few friends decided we were going to start a little book club:-) We will read a book each month and meet up for dinner to talk about it! I am so excited:-) This will help me pick out books to read. I never know what to get! The first book we are going to read is called "Water for Elephants". It sounds like it will be a good one! I will keep you posted:-)
The story is told as a series of memories by Jacob Jankowski, a ninety-three year-old man who lives in a nursing home.
As the memories begin, Jacob Jankowski is twenty-three years old and preparing for his final exams as a Cornell University veterinary student when he receives the news that his parents were killed in a car accident. Jacob’s father was a veterinarian and Jacob had planned to join his practice. When Jacob learns that his father was deeply in debt because he had been treating animals for free as well as mortgaging the family home to provide Jacob an Ivy League education, he has a breakdown and leaves school just short of graduation. In the dark of night, he jumps on a train only to learn it is a circus train. When the owner of the circus, Uncle Al, learns of his training as a vet, he is hired to care for the circus animals. This consequently leads Jacob to share quarters with a dwarf named Walter (who is known as Kinko to the circus) and his dog Queenie. A few weeks later Jacob is summoned to take a look at Camel, an old man who, after drinking Jamaican ginger extract for many years, can't move his arms or legs. Fearing Camel will be redlighted (thrown off the train while moving) Jacob hides him in his and Walter's room.
The head trainer, August, is a brutal man who abuses the animals in his care (such as the new elephant Rosie) as well as the people around him. Alternately, he can be utterly charming. Jacob develops a guarded relationship with August and his wife, Marlena, with whom Jacob falls in love. August is suspicious of their relationship and beats Marlena and Jacob. Marlena subsequently leaves August and stays at a hotel while she's not performing. Uncle Al then informs Jacob that August is a paranoid schizophrenic and then gives him a threat: reunite August and Marlena as a happily married couple or Walter and Camel get redlighted. (Redlighting refers to throwing circus workers off the moving train as punishment or in order to avoid paying them[2])
A few days later after discovering that August has tried to see Marlena, Jacob visits her in her hotel room. Soon after comforting her however, Jacob and Marlena sleep together and then eventually declare their love for each other. Marlena soon returns to the circus to perform (and also to have secret meetings with Jacob), but refuses to have August near her, which makes Uncle Al extremely mad. Days later Marlena informs Jacob that she is pregnant.
One night Jacob climbs up and jumps each car, while the train is moving, to August's room, carrying a knife between his teeth intending to kill August. However, Jacob backs out and returns to his car, only to find no one there but Queenie. He then realises that Walter and Camel were redlighted and Jacob himself was supposed to be too.
As the story climaxes, several circus workers who were redlighted off the train come back and release the animals causing a stampede during the performance.
In the ensuing panic, August is killed by Rosie the elephant, and the only one who sees the incident is Jacob. As a result of this incident, which occurred during a circus performance, the circus is shut down. Soon after, Uncle Al's body is found with a makeshift garrote around his neck. Marlena and Jacob leave, along with several circus animals (Rosie, Queenie and others), and begin their life together.
Ninety-three year old Jacob is waiting for his family to take him to the circus. It is uncovered that Jacob and Marlena married and had 5 children spending the first 7 years at another circus before Jacob gets a job as a vet for the zoo. After finding out no one is coming for him, elderly Jacob goes to the circus on his own. He soon meets the manager Charlie and begs him to accompany the circus by selling tickets. Charlie agrees and Jacob believes he has finally come home.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Update on house projects....

Thomas has been attending this camp for going on 8 years! This is his "camp" wall!!!

A little while back I posted pics of Thomas room before making some changes to it. He has been in Utah the past it gave me time to finish his room:-) I hope he likes it! I really love it! It very organized and "older" looking!! Here is the link "before"

Here are pics of what it looks like now!

Jyntree turns 3!!

Joel, Haley, Brenden and myself all made a trip to Oklahoma this weekend for Jyntree's 3rd birthday. Jyntree is Joel's niece and she is the cutest thing you have ever seen. We had a great time...good food....good people and yummy cake! We also got to meet their newest addition to the family Breelee Dawn. She was such a good baby!! Haley had a great time riding the horses and Joel ended up getting a cool Yamaha jacket from his brother:-) Good times!