Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cruise to Mexico 2010

What a great vacation!!! The kids had a blast and so did Joel and I. We really enjoy doing different things with the kids. This year we decided to make it a cruise and beautiful beaches!!! Haley and Brenden had never been on a cruise...and hadn't ever seen beaches like this it was a real treat for them:-) Thomas had already been on a cruise but of course...enjoyed another one:-) The food wasn't the best...but that is to be expected. You just find what you like...and stick with that throughout the whole trip. I ended up eating LOTS of chocolate cake:-) Hey...that's what was I stuck with it:-) Thomas isn't he ate just about everything. Brenden drank more sodas then any kid I have ever seen...and Haley...well she didn't eat much...never does. I sure do wish I could get Haley and Brenden to eat better....but it is what it is:-)

Our trip started in Galveston...we left there and spent the next day on the ship. The kids enjoyed swimming...riding the water slides...and exploring the ship! The views were amazing...and our room rocked! The next morning we arrive in Progresso, Mexico. Joel and I really enjoyed walking through the town. They don't have a lot of it's very authentic. I think it helped the kids realize what a great life they have. They saw some very poor families in Progresso. The beaches were pretty but not very well maintained. We ate lunch at a local restaurant that was pretty good....and we spent the day at a private resort enjoying the beach and playing a little water volleyball:-) We got back on the ship and the nest morning arrived in Cozumel, Mexico. We spent the day there at Paradise Beach. What a great beach!!! Se much fun and absolutely gorgeous!!!!! FUN FUN FUN! We had lunch at Carlos and Charlies...and bought a few souvenirs. The last day of our trip was spend on the ship. We ate LOTS of bad food....drank LOTS of sodas...and enjoyed time by the pool...playing miniature golf...taking naps....watching movies...etc...

Here are a few pics from our trip!

Overall I think it was a wonderful vacation! Joel and I are planning a trip to the mountains next year...we are thinking...water fishing...camping....hiking! That sounds like LOTS of fun:-)

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