Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekly Goal Results: 8/30/10

1. LOTS OF WATER!!!!!!!!!! - YES!

2. Vitamins daily! - YES!

3. Exercise at least 4 times this week:-) - Nope....not quite:-(

4. Portion control - Other then our night out at Babe's I did really well!

5. Healthier cooking! - Somewhat....I am trying to fin new recipes....that are good...and healthy

6. Work on projects for kids rooms - Nope...will try this weekend

7. Advertise Simply Fun - Working on address list this week...want to send out next week

8. Go for a 2 lb loss this week! - Stayed the same:-( At least I didn't gain!

9. Work on creating margins in your need them! - Working on this....still needs a little work

10. One on One time with T-Man! - Yes, we had a great "night out" this last weekend....LOTS of fun!!

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