Monday, June 29, 2009

Las Colinas Canal Pics

Some of my great friends and family allowed me to take pictures of them down at the canal early Sunday morning. I had a blast!!! This is the only way I will learn to do what I REALLY want to do. Yeah,,,it was freakin' HOT!! but everyone hung int here and I managed to get som really good shots. Here are a few of them!
Will and Olivia (precious!)
Will, Shanda and Olivia

Lisa and the kids reflection (love this one)

Lisa and the kids (sassy!)

Mama and daughter awe:-)

Haley and Brenden (little models!!!)

Lisa with her kiddos (such a pretty family)

Shanda and her family! Such a happy family:-)

Alyson and her family (this is sooo them...their daughter Britney is always texting on her phone) LOVE THIS ONE!

My beautiful sister:-)

So pretty!

Awe! Brad kissing his daughter on the cheek...too sweet!

Love the laughing pictures:-) They are so "real"

Alyson and her beautiful daughter Britney

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joel's New Truck!!

I am sooo happy for Joel. He was finally able to get the truck he wants. He always got older turcks that he ended up working on more then he would actually use them. This time he got a newer truck that is going to be GREAT for him. He can haul anything around that he wants!!! I must say it's a pretty cool truck! I like driving it too!! It's freakin' big though. I am afraid to park it:-) Here are a few pics.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My cute sister:-)

My sister was nice enough to play model for me the other day. Here are more of the shots I took. Some turned out just as I wanted them to and some...not so much. I guess this is just part of the learning process right? It is still a total blast taking the pictures and I will have them for years to come!!!

Joel is a good man:-)

Today Joel was out front mowing the yard. He saw a young boy...probably 14...walking his dog down the street. The dog was limping and Joel asked if he was ok. The kid said that he broke his leg when it was a puppy and it didn't heal his leg is crooked and he can't walk on it. It's really hot outside and the dog was worn out. He stopped at our neighbors house and laid down under a tree. Joel and I took the dog a bowl of water...he sucked that we took him another. This is a 150lb american pit. He is GORGEOUS!!! It's sad to me because you can tell the dog isn't taken very good care of. The only reason they have that dog is because they think it's cool. His leg is all infected because they never took him to the vet:-( Joel and I were concerned about the dog and asked the kid how far they had to go to get home. He said they lived on the street behind us. We decided it was best to take the dog home and not make him walk that far. Poor dog:-( I am sure the kids loves him but I just don't think he has him for the right reason and the dog is the one who is suffering. It was nice of Joel to do that and I hope that after talking to the kid a little talk about how important it is to take care of dogs...especially in this heat....I hope that he will remember what we said and play a big part in taking care of him:-) The kids name was Anthony. Super sweet and very polite young man. He was very appreciative of what Joel did. It always feels good when you think you might have helped someone...or given them some encouragement to do the right thing:-)

Thomas Camp 6-25-09

YAY!! More pics of T-Man!!! I also received a letter from his counsler. He said that Thomas has been a great kid at camp and is a blast to have around. He also said that Thomas likes to remind everyone that he BY FAR the biggest kid in his cabin...but they all know he just a "baby" at heart. AWE!!!!!!!!!!! He is a sweet kid. I am a very proud and BLESSED mama!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playing with a new lens!! FUN FUN!

My sister was my model today. It was hot as hell today...101 degrees ... but she was a trooper:-) She let me play with the camera and we had a blast. I think I got a lot of great figure out how to edit them is another story:-( Here are a few...I have TONS more...and my favorite I will save for last....It's an awesome silouette of Britney!!! I must edit first though:-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thomas Camp 6-23-09

He has a funny look on his face in this picture. Looks like he was trying to say something HA HA! I sure do miss my baby!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Best Day of My Life!! 5-16-09

Here are a few of my favorite wedding pictures. This was a very special day. I married the man of my dreams and started a new family!