Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Goals 3-1-10's a new month. Last month was a little up and down...lots going on. Joel and I are sooooo excited about buying a home...but it has us on an emotional roller coaster. This week I am just going to focus on getting back on track:-)


2. Keep track of March Spendings (EVERY PENNY)

3. No sodas

4. Low budget dinners (that are still yummy)

5. Walk at work (Mon, Wed & Fri) Gym - (Tu, Th & Sa)

6. Portion Control - track calories

7. Lots of water

8. Scrap Page ( finish the bridal shower book)

9. Focus on what me and Joel talked about (personal stuff... I won't bore you will details)

10. Finish and mail Loris pics...and work on Thomas Basketball Team Pics!!

Yep...I can feel it....It's going to be a great week!!!

Weekly Goal Results 2-22-10

Let me start by saying it was a rough week for me. I didn't make it on most of my goals....but I am starting a fresh start tomorrow:-)

1. NO SMOKING - I smoked one....dang it!

2. No Sodas - I shared one with Joel at the Monster Truck Show....

3. Workout at least 3 times this week - Not ONCE:-(

4. Portion Control - I did do ok on this one:-)

5. Protein Shake for breakfast every day this week - Yes...I did:-)

6. Save money wherever possible - Not a penny:-(

7. Stick to menu plan all week:-) - Only a few days....

8. Make sure to order kids Birth Certificates for the cruise:-) - Yep...sent out the info!

9. Write pros and cons list about moving - figure out exactly what we want:-) - Yes!

10. Drink at least 6 cups of water a day - Pretty close

Friday, February 26, 2010

March Spending and April Savings.....

Soooo...I have decided that if Joel and I are going to be buying a house soon...I need to make sure that we are on a comfortable budget that will work well with out new payment(ugh...that's sounds scary!) I know that we can afford to buy a house...that's not the problem...the problem is we haven't really had to keep ourselves on a budget. Well, if we plan to buy a new house...guess we come! I am going to track EVERY penny that we spend in March. I am not going to do anything different then we usually do...just go about as normal. Then...I will be able to go over our spending and see where we could easily save money. When you don't have to stick to a budget it's hard to realize where all of your extra money is know?? April spreadsheet will be to keep up with all of our spending on a budget...then I will be able to see what we need to do to live comfortable in our new home.'s better to try and figure it out now...rather than wait until we are in the house...and struggle for a while right?? I am looking forward to this. I think Joel and I will learn a lot from keeping track of all of the money we spend...or should I say blow...! We might think twice about all of the extra spending we do once we see how much we could be saving :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Power Thought for The Day

I am flexible and flowing:

I am open to the new and changing. Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am. I flow with life easily and effortlessly.

Love this one....wish I was flowing effortlessly right now:-)

A Little Off Track.....just a little:-) I have managed to fall a little off track. I have been doing great with not smoking...eating well...working out....etc...etc....etc. Then we started looking for a house and it's got me all messed up! I am so excited about buying our first house that's all I can think about. I have totally let myself NOT focus on anything else that I have been working on. UGH! I guess it's good that I have noticed this...and am willing to start over and work on it again:-) Joel and I are on top of the world...this whole buying a house amazing. We knew that we would eventually buy a house together...but had no idea it would be this soon. This weekend we are going to take all of the kids to look at a house...what fun! It's going to be such a great time in our family's life! Decorating my new kitchen....the kids decorating their new rooms...Joel putting his B&W checkered floor in the garage...YES...he is really doing that.'s his garage...he can do what he wants! point here is that just because we have all of this exciting stuff going on DOESN'T give me a reason to be a slacker:-( Today...I am starting over...and I am going to get back on the track that I have been on for a few months now! It's a wonderful time in my life and I am super I will continue to do the things that please me...and that will allow me to live a longer and healthier/happier life with my wonderful family:-) THINK POSITIVE!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Joel and I have been on a roller coaster ride trying to figure out where we want to move and what type of house we want...and what we can afford...and what the kids would want....etc...etc...etc. I thought looking for a house would be fun?'s fun....but it also wears you out! After going around in many circles we have come to an agreement (or compromise) that we think will make everyone happy.

What Joel and I want - We would love to live out in the country and have a few acres of land. I would love to start a garden....and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country life. I have always been a country girl. Joel loves living in the country as well. It's also closer to his kiddos which is something Joel be closer to his kids:-) We want a 4 bedroom so all of the kids can have their own room. We want to be able to still get to work in a reasonable amount of time. We want a newer house then what we live in now...with a game room for the kiddos. Oh and how could I forget that Joel MUST have a garage:-)

What Thomas wants - He DOES NOT want to live in the country. He doesn't want to change schools and move away from all of his friends. He wants to stay closer to the city and his Nana:-) He wants a bigger room and a pool.

What Haley and Brenden want - They don't live with us so they probably don't really care either way...but I do know that they would love to have their Dad living closer to them. Right now we live an hour away (without traffic). It makes it tough to make it to EVERY event they have.

The Compromise - this is what Joel and I have FINALLY come up with. We are going to get everything we want out of a house...4 bedroom...newer home...2 car room. We have decided to NOT move way out to the country. It's just not good for us right now and we think it would make the move so much harder on Thomas then it needs to be. We are however still going to move closer to Haley and Brenden...that way Joel can be more involved in their lives. He is super pumped about that...and I sure the kids will be too. The location will still be drivable for Joel and I to work ....and Thomas will still be close to his friends and will still be able to go to a High School that some of his friends are going to:-) We have decided since we are giving up the country life (land) that we want a pool:-) We love to entertain and have friends and family over...and what better way to do in the hot summers of Texas?? YAY! I am super excited. So....we have narrowed it down and the hunt is on. The "perfect" house will come along soon and we will be able to start a new chapter in our lives.

Joel and I were both so relieved once we came to this conclusion. It was like 100 pounds were lifted off our backs. We know it's the right decision because it just fell into we are confident that it happened the way it was supposed to:-)

Wish us luck. Hopefully I will be posting pics of our first house on here soon!!!! Oh...and I have posted a picture of one of the houses pools that we are looking at tomorrow. I think I could hang out on that patio all summer with NO problems:-) Nothing but a nice tan!!! How exciting...maybe it's "the one"!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday - Teriyaki Chicken, rice and egg rolls

Tuesday - Sausage, turkey pasta with garlic bread and salad

Wednesday - Cheese Enchiladas, beans, chips and salsa

Thursday - Chicken Tacos, corn on the cobb

Friday - Poor Mans Meal, corn bread, peas

Sat - Fettuccine Alfredo, bread and salad

Su - Pulled Pork sandwiches, chips and coleslaw (NEW Recipe for the week)

Weekly Goals 2-22-10

This week is going to be a good one.....I can just feel it"-)


2. No Sodas

3. Workout at least 3 times this week

4. Portion Control

5. Protein Shake for breakfast every day this week

6. Save money wherever possible

7. Stick to menu plan all week:-)

8. Make sure to order kids Birth Certificates for the cruise:-)

9. Write pros and cons list about moving - figure out exactly what we want:-)

10. Drink at least 6 cups of water a day

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 2-15-10

1. NO SMOKING - this will be a weekly goal for the rest of my life - Well...I broke down and smoked 2 ciggs this week:-( I am back on track now!!

2. Portion Control - I did great at this until I went out to dinner with friends to an AWESOME place...but I am doing pretty good in this area:-)

3. Gym...4 times:-) - Only 2 this week....slacker!

4. NO sodas - Not a one:-)

5. Search for new school options for T-Man - Yes, I have done a lot of research on schools. We are going to have a few good options when we move. I don't want T-Man going to a public school.

6. Finish editing Britney's Pics and send her the CD:-) - Nope...I am almost finished and am planning to mail them to her this week!

7. Eat healthy - I am doing OK on this...need to work a little harder in this area!

8. GET YOUR OIL CHANGED!!! - YES! Finally!

9. Keep track of calories burned daily for the entire week - Yes...I really like this...I feel it's helping me with my eating habits:-)

10. Finish "The Husband" - Still working on finishing this book...It's good...I am just so darn busy all the time:-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Power Thought of the Day

I experience love wherever I go

Love is everywhere, and I am loving and lovable. Loving people fill my life, and I find myself easily expressing love to others.

Like this one....if you don't feel this should:-) Be nice!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

What a great time of year. The love is in the air:-) We celebrated our family Valentine's Day day late. It was a great day! Joel got me the coolest gift ever. I told him I wanted it and he actually remembered:-) It's a calorie counting watch! I can't wait to start using it. I will start tonight at the gym. I got Joel a GPS system. He has been driving all around lately for dirt bike I figured it was something that he would use. Then...I cooked the boys dinner and made them a yummy dessert for V-Day! It all turned out great!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday Meal Plan

Keeping it pretty simple this week. Trying to cut back as much as we can......really focusing on buying a house:-) Can't wait to find the PERFECT ONE!!!

Monday: Valentine's dinner for my two favorite men in the world - Crab Cakes, veggies and a salad. Chocolate covered strawberries for dessert:-)

Tuesday: Turkey spaghetti, bread, salad

Wednesday: Baked Chicken, Potatoes, Veggies

Thursday: BLT Sandwiches, soup

Friday: Dinner with Joel:-)

Sat: Dinner with Shanda

Sun: Chili (Frito Pie)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekly Goals 2-15-10

I really enjoy keeping track of my weekly goals. Do I meet every goal I set for so much....but it still keeps me aware of what I want to do and what I am trying to accomplish weekly. If I can get to a point that I complete all of my weekly will make my long term goals easier to reach:-)

1. NO SMOKING - this will be a weekly goal for the rest of my life

2. Portion Control

3. Gym...4 times:-)

4. NO sodas

5. Search for new school options for T-Man

6. Finish editing Britney's Pics and send her the CD:-)

7. Eat healthy


9. Keep track of calories burned daily for the entire week

10. Finish "The Husband"

Weekly Goal Results 2-8-10

1. NO SMOKING - Not a ONE!!!! GO ME:-) I feel great!

2. Bring healthy snacks to work - Yes I sure did!!

3. Hit the gym 4 TIMES THIS WEEK...YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! - Nope....will try again next week...Can I blame it on the weather?

4. Finish (The Husband) - Still working on this as well....almost finished...but not quite.

5. Make sure to spend good quality one on one time with T-Man:-) - Yes...Thomas and I have been spending more time together and it really makes a difference! We have movie plans tomorrow...looking forward to it!

6. Get your freakin oil changed in your car...Yeah it's sad that this needs to be a weekly goal! - NOPE!! UGH....will take care of this tomorrow:-)

7. Don't fluff the laundry in the dryer 100 times before actually taking it out and folding it - this is sad too...he he! - This is really hard NOT to do. I am working on it...and have gotten better...but still need to work on it more!

8. Drink TONS of water - Yep! Did a good job at this:-)

9. Portion control - I did ok on this. Still need to work on it a little though.

10. Write a letter to a friend or family member just to say hi:-) - No...I didn't. I plan to try to get this done on my day off tomorrow:-)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Movie Night:-)

I have seen more snow today in Dallas then I have ever seen here. It's so pretty! We have almost 8 inches on the ground now. It's dark out...but because the ground is so white it looks light out. I made it to the movie store before the roads got too bad and we have made it a movie night:-) Nothing like cuddling up with the one you love and watching so good flicks and munchin' on some popcorn! Thomas got his own movies and is going to watch them in his room. He is too cool to hang out with us and watch movies:-) Hope everyone has a wonderful night!!!

Snow in Dallas!!!!!

Well...we don't much snow around these parts:-) But we did TODAY:-) CHEEEEESE! The whole country is covered with snow. I heard on the radio this morning they are calling it Snowmeggedan...LOL! Thomas has a snow day today that he was really hoping for...but me...yeah I am at work:-( No biggie...if the roads get too bad I will go home. Here are a few pictures around my house this morning. The pictures do it no justice...but it's SO PRETTY outside. It's weird how quiet it is when it's snowing. Love it!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Power Thought of the Day

My Future is Glorious:

I now live in love, light, and joy. All is well in my world.


Like this one:-) It's all good lol.

House Hunting:-)

Well....Joel and I have FINALLY been approved to buy a home. We are sooooo excited! I drove out and looked at this house last weekend. It's so pretty and it's on 2 acres. We are thinking about moving out of the city. Neither of us really like living in the city and if everything works out with our jobs then we will do it. It will bring Joel closer to his he is pumped about that. I am looking forward to having the peace and quiet that you just can't get in the city. Not to mention I would have room for a garden:-) We have a meeting with the Real Estate agent in a few weeks and we are going to do nothing but house hunt all day long. Joel and I have a few houses picked out that we are interested in...but I am sure there were be more that come along between now and the time we go out looking.

Joel and I have worked very hard to get to this point in out lives....and it's paying off! We are both sooo excited...and nervous too. It will be a big responsibility....but we are ready for it:-)

This is a picture of one of the houses we are going to look at. I have driving by and looked at the outside of the house and the area it's in...but haven't seen the inside yet. I can't wait!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly Goals 2-8-10

This week I am repeating a lot of things because I just can't seem to get them down:-) I will continue to work on things until I am on the right track...then I will be able to move onto other goals!


2. Bring healthy snacks to work

3. Hit the gym 4 TIMES THIS WEEK...YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

4. Finish (The Husband)

5. Make sure to spend good quality one on one time with T-Man:-)

6. Get your freakin oil changed in your car...Yeah it's sad that this needs to be a weekly goal!

7. Don't fluff the laundry in the dryer 100 times before actually taking it out and folding it - this is sad too...he he!

8. Drink TONS of water

9. Portion control

10. Write a letter to a friend or family member just to say hi:-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Goal Results from 2/1/10

1. NO SMOKING - I smoke one on Thursday like an idiot...and it made me sick....other then that NO:-)

2. NO Sodas - Not one until the Super Bowl...then I just had to have me a grape crush...YUm!!

3. Gym - 4 times - I amn still stuck on 3...I WILL make it 4 times this week:-)

4. DO NOT fluff the laundry in the dryer....When it's dry take it out and fold it. Don't know you do the same thing and it wastes soooo much money in gas. - I didn't do this as much...but still did a few times...need to keep working on this one:-)

5. Scrap - Not once...dang it

6. Portion control - Did GREAT on this until Super Bowl...then I ate what I want...and however much I wanted:-)

7. Keep track of your calorie intake weekly - Yes...and it's really helping me see where I need to make changes in what I eat.

8. Get up really makes for a better day:-) - Yes, this week was great with my family in the morning...we had breakfast together and wasn't rushed at all! There was one day that I overslept though...oops...slept right through my alarm!

9. No eating out all week - We did eat out once...:-(

10. Take lunch and good snacks to work all week. - YES! Need to continue this one!

Family Cookout at Britney's House

We have decided to have monthly cookouts at each of the siblings houses. What fun!!! This month it was at Britney's house out in Denton. She lives in a really cool old house that has TONS of character...and since Britney has fixed it up it looks awesome...and feels so homey! I LOVE that feeling of an old house:-) Thanks Brit for having us all over. We had such a great time talking about some of the weirdest stuff. I don't remember the last time we all sang the old super mario brothers game (music) LOL! Also, looking through our old that was funny! Made me feel good when Thomas said I look just the same now as I did then:-) Oh...and the juggling! That was awesome. Not to mention the great food!! I am looking forward to the next cookout at Evy's house!!

Sunday Meal Plan

So I decided that I am going to start doing my meal plans on Sunday...not Monday. It just fits my schedule better. Every Sunday evening I like to get caught up with my why not add my meal plan too right?

Eat out

Jambalaya - Veggies

Cajun Chicken Pasta - Salad (New recipe this week) YUMMY!

Grill Cheese - Soup

Fish Tacos - rice - salad

Turkey Spaghetti - Garlic Bread - Salad

Grilled Chicken - Potatoes - Veggies

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I LOVE this song

and can't wait to see this movie....I am going to read the book first though...because I have a feeling it will be better

Tough Times.....

I know that life would be totally boring if you didn't have obstacles to get through. I just wish that some of them didn't have to be so darn hard. I really do think that everything happens for a reason I just hang in there for the ride and know that we will get through everything that is put in our way.

Joel lost his mother recently and it's been really hard for him lately. I feel so helpless because I don't know how he feels and there isn't much I can do to make him feel better. I have spoken to family and friends who have lost their parent or parents and they tell me that everything Joel is going through is normal. I just wish there was more I could do for him. It hurts me to see him so sad.

I am so glad that Sheila was able to see Joel sober and truly happy before she passed. That made her soooo happy:-) I also know that she is very proud of the man Joel has become.

Time will pass and Joel will get through this. I know he will. He is a very strong man....but it still really sucks:-( Any prayers for him would be more then welcome:-)

Hopefully the yummy chocolate cake and ice cream that I am making him tonight will help to make him feel a little better!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Power Thought for the Day

I am totally adequate for all situations:

I am one with the power and wisdom of the Universe. I claim this power, and it is easy for me to stand up for myself.

Well....we are going through a lot at home right now....I hope this one is true:-)

Meal Plan Monday

It's going to be a rather simple week this week. I am trying to stretch our weeks worth of groceries into two weeks. I know that I can't do it 100%...but I can make a lot of it stretch. I will need to go to the store for a few things....but it shouldn't be for much:-)

Monday: Chili - because I was supposed to make this last night and I didn't.

Tuesday: Fish Sticks...veggies

Wednesday: Chicken, Corn Chowder - NEW RECIPE:-)

Thursday: Grilled Chicken, baked potatoes and veggies

Friday: Ranch Tilapia, salad, veggies

Sat: Cookout at my sisters...I am taking - Buffalo Dip...veggies and Potato Salad

Sunday: Dinner with Mom for her B-Day!