Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekly Goals 7/19/10


2. LOTS of water

3. Portion control

4. Clean WHOLE house before vacation!

5. Unpack boxes in master closet!

6. Walk dogs at least 5 times this week

7. Try one new recipe:-)

8. Mail out Pics CD by Thursday!

9. Get mailing list for flyer:-)

10. Mani and Pedi!

Power Thought of the Day

I release all criticism
I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of other is mirrored to me in every moment.
If everyone could follow this rule it would be a peaceful world!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Menu

Well, we are going on vacation soon...so my plan is to just cook what we have at the house without having to make a trip to the store....so it's going to be easy stuff this week:-)

Weekly Goal Results 7/12/10

1. Portion control! Yes....I am getting much better with my portion control!!

2. Lots of water...no sodas! I had one Sprite this week...and that's it!

3. Yoga at least 4 times this week. I only made it once this week...lots going on with my dog being sick....plan to go more this week:-)

4. Try 2 new recipes this week:-) I tried one...Butter Finger cake YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Keep up with laundry!!! You can do this:-) I am almost there...I can't seem to get it ALL done.

6. NO SMOKING! NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am feeling great:-)

7. Walk dogs at least 5 out of 7 days a week. We have walked them a lot....as much as we can with Braxton being sick:(

8. Brush dogs every night -I haven't every night...need to work on this!

9. Really focus on what you are putting into your body. You need to take care of yourself....it's the only body you get. Sounds stupid....but it's true! Yes, I have been working on this....other then the butter finger cake I did pretty good this week:-)

10. Quit picking your fingers!!!! Getting better! My hands look good!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Braxton Update:

Today Braxton came home. There is nothing more the vet can do for him...so we thought it would be best if he came home and spent the rest of his time with his family:-) Poor little guy is in pretty bad shape. You wouldn't know it right now though...he is happy and he can be....well...I guess he goes back and forth.

When we arrived to pick him up he was SOOO happy to see me and Thomas. His little butt was just a shakin'. Once we got home...he was super happy for about 10 minutes....then he went way down hill. He was throwing up and laying around doing nothing. It didn't look good. Then...about an hour later...he was up and happy as can be. He even went for a swim in the pool! He LOVED that:-)

He ate a little food and drank some water which is a really good sign. We will see how he does tomorrow. The vet thinks we only have a few weeks with him at most....but I think he might just be a wonder dog!!!! If he keeps going like he did today...he should be able to hang around longer then that. Let's hope anyway!

Either way it's great to have him home and to see him so happy for the most part:-) He is a special dog that is loved so much!!! I will enjoy every second I have left with him!

I will keep you guys updated on how he is doing! Keep him in your prayers....so far it's working!!!

A Million Little Peices

I know this book came out a long time ago and there was a lot of controversy about what was true and what wasn't etc....Well, I am glad I waited to read it. I knew when I started it that the book might be fiction. It was still an excellent book! I LOVED IT!!! I think he did a great job of showing what addiction is like. He kept it very real. I have know people with serious addictions and I myself have faced addiction.

I feel like I know James. I felt his pain throughout the book...and I also felt the love he had for Lilly. It had been so long since he experienced love....that is what saved him.

I know that the book isn't 100% true....but a lot of what he talks about is right on. The feeling he had...the anger that comes with addiction....the guilt. Gosh...it's all so true. I agree with so many of his opinions on AA and God. AA is a great program and works for many people....but there is also another way to look at it. You don't have to have a program. You have to face the fact that you are jacked up....and go the other direction to stay away from the bad things in life. It's something all addicts will face the rest of their lives.

I really enjoyed this book! I am starting a new book tonight called "Driving With Dead People" sounds good huh??? We will see. I will let you know what I think of it as soon as I am finished with it:-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update on Braxton

A lot of you are asking about my sweet boy. Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers! They mean more to us then you know.

Braxton isn't well. We found out this morning that he has really bad kidney disease....and something stuck in his stomach. They can't operate on him to find out what is in his stomach because of the kidney disease.....it would kill him to operate. They have been pumping him full of fluids all day today to see if they can get him feeling better and get his kidneys working a little better. It's possible that his kidney disease could be managed but will be costly. Also...even if they can get him comfortable with the kidney issue...he still has something stuck in his poor stomach:-( The odds are really against him.

So...this is what we are going to do. If Braxton is happy, feeling well and comfortable tomorrow...then we are going to bring him home and spend as much time as we can with him until he gets really sick. Then we will put him to sleep. We know that it probably won't be long....but we want to spend as much time with him as we can. If the vet calls tomorrow and tells us that the fluids didn't help him at all and that he is miserable...then unfortunately we will have to put him down.

I know that Braxton isn't a human....but trust me...you have probably never known a dog lover like me. He is human to me. He is part of my life and part of this family and he will be missed so badly:-( At the same time I know that he is a dog...and that life will go on.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you guys updated on what happens tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Sweet Braxton - Hang in there buddy!

Oh how I love that boy:-) He is truly my love! We have had Braxton for 4 years and he has been one of the best additions to this family by far. He is such a great dog. He has the sweetest personality unlike any dog I have ever known. He makes me smile no matter what kind of mood I am in.

He is in the hospital as I type. I pray every second that he will come home soon but have a very strong feeling in my heart that he will not come home at all:-( There is something wrong with his stomach. The doc doesn't know if it's an object that he swallowed which is blocking anything from passing through his stomach or if it's a tumor..etc... The doc will call me tomorrow morning and let me know if he thinks surgery is our best option. Once he gets inside he will know if it's an object or something worse. If it's an object he should be able to remove it and Braxton should be fine. If it's something else...then we don't know if Braxton will be able to survive:-( Tomorrow is going to be a ROUGH day if Joel and I have to put him to sleep. Ugh....please let me have him a little longer...please? I need him. He is my life....and Bella's (my great dane) life. I don't know what she will do without him. She had never known life without her brother:-(

Joel took this picture of me and Braxton today at the vets office. We were able to walk him outside for a little bit and spend some time with him. He was in good spirits and was really happy to see us. He thought he was going home:-( I really hope this isn't the last picture I have with my bubba....but if it is I am sure glad I had Joel take it! Don't mind my red eyes....I have been crying like a baby all day today:-(

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lots on my mind.......................................

I really hope Braxton (my dog) is ok....he isn't acting right:-(
Do you know how hard it is to get yoga clothes off after class??? They stick to you...it's a whole other workout trying to get the darn things off LOL!
I wonder how my Dad is doing??? I need to call him!
Buying a house is very rewarding. I really love it here...but it scares the heck out me to know that I can mess it all up and lose it. I guess that's what gets my butt up every morning for work:-)
I can't wait for our family vacation
Why can't I seem to keep up the laundry?
Yoga ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! Really...it does!
I really need to finish the book I am reading...I have been reading it forever! It's good...I just don't have a lot of time. I want to skip to the end to see what happens...no...I can't do that:-(
I can't believe I am going to be an aunt!
I hope I can do photography full time some day!
I see a good future ahead for my son:-) He is such a wonderful young man!
I am starting to see myself much more interested in church
I haven't smoked in 6 weeks OMG!!!! This is it...I can do it!
Why is it so hard to lose weight when you get older..? That sucks
I need to scrapbook more
I have so many AWESOME ideas for the house...I don't know where to start
Keeping a pool clean sucks....but I can't bring myself to hire someone else to do something that Joel and I are capable of doing ourselves.
I have noticed myself praying for people a lot more recently. I wish some people weren't just sad and dark inside....but starting to figure out you can't change people....some of them are just dark....so stay away from them...let them be dark by themselves.
I am about to by books on CD for my new "long" drive home and really looking forward to it!
I wish I could do photography, cooking and blogging for a living!
I have shaving
My back is really starting to feel better
I MUST quit picking my fingers...what a horrible habit!
I need to go to bed earlier and get up earlier as well...I an NOT a morning person...not sure that I will ever be.
I am so excited that Thomas is starting a new school this year!
I hope to get to know our neighbors soon
I love to cook....and eat:-(
I am getting much better at saving money
I really can't quit thinking about Braxton...I hope he is ok...

It's late...need to hit the sack...but that's a little of what's been going through my brain recently!

NO SMOKING....six weeks:-)

This week it will be six weeks that I haven't smoked! Nope...NOT ONE:-) I feel great!!! I really think this might be my last attempt to quit smoking. It is amazing how much better I feel. I have continued to do yoga which is great...not only for my body and mind...but also for my lungs! I can breathe through class now...it's getting much easier. The first few yoga classes I really wasn't sure if I was going to make it...but I did...and I really LOVE yoga. Now....if I could only get Joel to stop smoking. He doesn't smoke as much because I don't want him smoking around me...but he is still smoking. Maybe within time he will quit too! I am on a roll though...and so very proud of myself. It's not easy to quit smoking after you have smoked as long as I have.

Weekly Menu

Monday: (yoga) Taco Salad/corn

Tuesday: Baked Chicken/peas/rolls
I am also going to make a YUMMY butterfinger cake to take to work...YUM!

Wednesday: (yoga) Aunduii/salad/rolls

Thursday: BLT's/chips

Friday: (yoga) Grilled Pizza's - MOVIE NIGHT!

Sat: (yoga) Chicken/mashed potatoes/green beans

Sunday: Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots...YUM!

Power Thought for the Day

There is no blame

I release the neet to blame anyone, including myself. We are all doing the best we can with theunderstanding, knowledge, and awareness we have.

Good one!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Goals 7/12/10

It's going to be a great week because I say so:-) It's taken me a long time to realize life is really what YOU make it....not anyone else...just YOU! It feels so good to reach all of the goals that I set for myself weekly. I have daily goals too...but don't post all of them...lol. Maybe I am crazy...who knows...but it works for me and I look forward to checking all of the my goals off at the end of the week. It doesn't matter how big or small they are...I did what I set out to do...and that feels great!!

1. Portion control!

2. Lots of water...no sodas!

3. Yoga at least 4 times this week.

4. Try 2 new recipes this week:-)

5. Keep up with laundry!!! You can do this:-)


7. Walk dogs at least 5 out of 7 days a week.

8. Brush dogs every night

9. Really focus on what you are putting into your body. You need to take care of yourself....it's the only body you get. Sounds stupid....but it's true!

10. Quit picking your fingers!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July 2010

This was our first 4th in our new home...in a new town. We decided to go to the Mansfield City Firework Show to see what it was all about. I am so glad we went! It was great:-) They had lots of good food...live bands...dancers...etc! We picked a nice seat in the ball field and hung out until the show started. The show was amazing. It lasted a good 30-45 minutes and the fireworks were beautiful and RIGHT above us. It was really cool!!!! Thomas was able to bring along a friend of his, Bailey, to enjoy the show with us. There was no parking at the event...you had to park and ride the shuttle. Getting there wasn't bad...but getting back was kind of a pain. We had to wait about an hour to catch the shuttle back to our car...but you have to pay the play right? It was worth the wait. It wasn't hot outside and the wait went by pretty fast. It was a great 4th! I sure do wish Haley and Brenden could have been there....hopefully they will be able to go with us next year!!!

Weekly Goal Results 6-28-10

1. Finish Thomas's room before Wednesday night!!! - DONE!


3. Portion Control - Yes, I have been working really hard on my portion control!

4. Yoga at LEAST 4 times this week! - I made it 3 times this week....

5. Lots of water!!! Take vitamins daily! - YES! I am a water drinking fool!!

6. NO SODAS - Not ONE!

7. Finish pictures of Britney's reception! - Not yet...I am getting there though:-) Should be finished this week.

8. Get up early and make breakfast...it really make for a better day! - Yep! It was a great week:-)

9. Walk dogs more - We are walking them every day and they LOVE it!!

10. Make a "family" pizza night with the kids!- Had a great weekend with the kids. We are spent a lot of quality time together:-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Camp La Junta 2010

Well...another year has come and gone. This was Thomas's 7th year at Camp La Junta....and once again he had an absolute BLAST and can't wait to go back next year. This was his last year as a regular camper. Next year he will be an AC (advanced camper). They get to do more stuff and have less supervision basically. I am soooo glad he gets to go to this camp every year. He really loves it! Normally they have closing ceremonies where they hang out awards...etc...but because of the weather they had to do a drive through pick up. We literally drove through the camp picked Thomas up and kept on driving all the way back home. I was disappointed because I really enjoy the closing ceremonies...but that's ok...what can you do right? I also forgot my camera...ugh! Mama did snap this one picture with her phone. This was on our way home...we had stopped for a little lunch:-) He is just so darn handsome. He thinned out a little this summer like he always does. He was eager to get home but also talked about all the cool things he is looking forward to doing next year! Welcome home T-Man. We missed you like crazy!!!!