Monday, June 25, 2012

The Noble Pig - Austin TX

Joel and I had to drive down to Kerville TX to take Thomas to camp last week. We decided to make a pit stop on the way back to check out another Diner Drive-Ins and Dive locations. Let me just start by saying I am very grateful to have the technology of GPS on my phone....but it really erks me when it says something is 23 miles away and it ends up being 70. Joel was pretty po'd....but we FINALLY managed to find the place:-) After some research I learned that it actually wasn't on Triple D....but it was on Serious Sandwiches, which is another show that Guy hosts. I can't seem to find the video anywhere though!

This is what we got:
The Noble Pig: pulled pork, spicy ham, bacon, provolone, mustard/mayo.
I wasn't very impressed. It could have been awesome!....but they really slacked off on how much meat they put on the bread. That's what ruined it for me. The flavor was great...but the mustard was slapped in the middle in one big the flavor was too strong. All in all....I know they were slammed and needed to get the sandwiches out quickly...but I was disappointed in the way the were made.
Joel Got the Asian Chicken Sandwich:
It has chicken, jalapeno coleslaw, cilantro and mayo on it. Sounds awesome right?? Not so much....this sandwich had NO flavor. You couldn't taste any jalapeno's or cilantro. The chicken was really tender but had NO seasoning on it. The bread on both of the sandwiches was delicious though...and both sandwiches had the potential to be wonderful.
The pickled veggies were delicious!!! They make them at the deli...fresh. YUM!
Our experience here wasn't so great...but I am still glad we stopped to try it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tide Pods

These might be the coolest things ever:-) They are easy to won't over use your detergant and run out quicker than you should have. You just plop them in the washer and wash! My clothes come out smelling awesome...and are super clean! I LOVE THEM!!!! They aren't expensive either!!!

Pepes and Mitos - Deep Ellum - TASTY!

Stacey and I ventured out to another Diners Drive-Ins and Dives places in Dallas. This time is was Pepes and Mitos in Deep Ellum. We both got what was featured on the show. Albandiga Soup and the Tacos Nortenos. It was SOOO GOOD! I have also heard the shrimp enchiladas are to die for. I will be going back for sure!!!
The atmosphere was fun. The service was great:-)

Albandiga Soup:
Omelet like patties filled with a delicious mix of carrots, potatoes, onions , tomatoes, mild peppers and ground beef in a seasoned broth.

Tacos Nortenos:
Four mini corn tortilla tacos loaded with fajita steak tips sauteed with pico de gallo and a chipotle wine sauce  Served with rice, beans, cilantro and onions.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey - LOVE IT!!!!

This book rocked:-) Some people might think it's dirty...trashy...whatever...but I really enjoyed it. I love their relationship. Yes, there are some things that might go a little out there....but who's a book. LIVE A LITTLE PEOPLE:-) I can't wait for Fifty Shades Darker to arrive in my mail:-) I want to see what happens next!!!


Stacey is right...I CAN DO THIS! I have totally let myself go...again...and it's time to get back on track! Starting today with a healthy breakfast...and I am going to take it one day at a time!!! I have many reasons to get into shape....but the most important reason is my health! I only get one body...and I can't keep doing this to myself. My body deserves to be healthy!!!
I have had many excuses as to why I couldn't eat good that day...or didn't have time to workout this day. I don't feel like cooking....Joel's kids are with us and they won't eat healthy....I have school that night....I need to clean the house....I will go tomorrow.....Maybe I can just start fresh next won't hurt if I eat this just this time....UGH!!!! It DOES NOT matter what's going on in my life...I can still incorporate a healthy lifestyle NO MATTER WHAT!
It's great to have a friend on board with me:-) Stacey and I will do this together:-) I may not be in a bikini this summer....but maybe next summer??? Most importantly..I will FEEL better:-)