Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly Goals 8-2-10

My goals this week are going to be focused more on my behavior...then actually getting things done:-) There will still be a few "tasks" but I feel I need to work on how I act and how a think etc..... There have been a few good messages in church the last few weeks that have me thinking a lot:-)

1. Be nice to everyone....even if they aren't very nice to you:-)

2. Think more about your future...and how to plan for your family moving forward.

3. Read's good for you:-)

4. Really pay attention to what you put in your body! You only get one take care of yourself the best you can!

5. Spend good quality time with all of the people you love

6. Don't spend time worrying about things you have NO control over...just trust that everything with work itself out.

7. Lots of WATER!!

8. NO SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Tell people you care about them.....

10. Get more sleep.....

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