Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Proud of my T-Man!!

I am so proud of Thomas! He has found a new passion this year in Drama! He LOVES it:-) He says it allows him to really express himself. I am not sure how many of your have teens...but it's hard to get them to express themselves...so this drama thing is AWESOME! He is very happy at his new school and is meeting lots of new friends:-) His drama teacher sent out the email below announcing who was cast in the Christmas play they are putting on at his school. Thomas got the lead part!!! You should have seen the look on his face when he read this email. He is on top of the world! I can't wait to see him perform. I didn't include the rest of the cast names due to privacy:-)

GO THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo very proud of you!


Email from drama teacher:

I am pleased to present the cast of PCA's December 10 production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Thank you for auditioning, sharing your gifts and providing your schedule conflicts, which help me plan rehearsals and treat other students and their families fairly.Congratulations! Please let me know prior to our first rehearsal on Monday Oct. 4 at 5:30 pm if you CANNOT accept your role. IF you DO NOT attend the first rehearsal, I will assume that you do not wish to accept your role and I will re-cast your role. All CAST MEMBERS MUST bring a parent or guardian to the October 4 rehearsal at 5:30 pm in A106 to sign an approval and obtain information. God bless you!
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
FATHER (Bob Bradley) - Thomas Moore

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Goals 9-27-10

1. Work out at least 4 times this week

2. WATER..lots of it!

3. Portion control

4. Eat healthier snacks

5. Keep up with laundry

6. Get plenty of sleep

7. Work on project with Thomas for his room

9. Scrap

10. Don't let ignorant people effect your life....it's really NOT worth it. Pray for them instead:-)

Weekly Goal Results 9-20-10

1. REALLY pay attention to portion control - Working on it

2. Drink LOTS of water - YES!

3. Work out 4 times this week...either Yoga or Walking - Nope...dang it!

4. Pay attention to fat,salt intake. - Yes...other then the day at the fair

5. Eat lots of healthy snacks...veggies, nuts etc... - Getting better:-)

I am 5"10 and I weight 160lbs. My average weight is anywhere between 135 and 170...so I am NOT fat...but I would prefer to be closer to the 135 range. My goal is 140. I hope to lose a few pounds a week. Let's see what happens!!! I will re-post my weight next week and will be 100% honest with how I ate...my water intake...exercise etc..... - I didn't gain or lose weight this week...I stayed the same. I hope to start dropping this week:-)

I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visiting old friends.....

Thomas started a new school this year when we moved into our new home. He loves his new school and is starting to make some great new friends....but he still really misses his friends from Irving. He doesn't get to see them as much as he would like due to the distance:-( Today his old school has their annual fall carnival. Thomas decided to go so he could see all of his old friends. It was great to see how happy everyone was to see Thomas. One friend ran up and hugged him so hard she almost knocked him down. He was cheesing soooo big! It's great to see Thomas so happy:-) Moving is hard at his age and he is adjusting so well to his new school. I try to get him back to Irving to see his old friends as much as possible. It's so important to stay in touch with them. They are all wonderful friends to Thomas.

We all stayed at the carnival today and had a great time!

Texas State Fair 2010

Thomas had a fair day on Friday Sept 24th. He gets a fair day every year and I have never taken the day off to take him to the fair. This year I decided I was going to take him. We had such a great time.

We enjoyed some of the games....lots of the food and Thomas enjoyed a few of the rides. I can't ride the rides anymore because of my back...dang it! I did manage to make it through a fun house though. It was fun:-) I told Thomas I felt like I was in the movie Grease..."you better shape up.....cause I need a man....and my heart is set on you....better shape up....you better understand,......." ok...I will stop. I love that movie!!

They offered a new fried item this year. It was fried frito pie. Can you say WT???? OMG! It was soooooo good though. Thomas and I made that the first thing we ate:-)

We stopped in the IMAX just in time for the showing of Sea Monsters. I thought it would make me sick...but it didn't. It was really cool. It felt like we were swimming with the dinasours of the sea!!! We played around in the Science Place for a little while. It brought memories for both of us. Thomas hadn't been there since he was little...and I had some childhood memories of my own there! Too cool.

Of course we had to stop by the petting zoo. I just love seeing all of the animals and being able to pet them.

The dog show was pretty cool. There was a lady and her amazing 4 dobermans that put on a great show. One of the dobermans was white. I have never seen a white doberman before...and he had blue eyes! He was sooo pretty!!!

The day ended up being a great one. It was so nice to spend some one on one time with Thomas. He is such a wonderful young man and a true pleasure to be around:-) I am very proud of the young man he is becoming!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My PeePaw Travis

I received a call from my Dad last week that my PeePaw Travis had passed away. He had been sick with cancer...and ended up dying of pneumonia last week. Wed 9/15/10. He would have been 81 on 9/25/10.

I have wonderful childhood memories with him...he used to talk like Donald Duck...and it would make me laugh like crazy! I always remember how he lit up at Christmas time. I think he enjoyed giving gifts more then we enjoyed receiving them. He was just that type of man.

I hadn't recently spent much time with him. I live in Texas and he lives in Tennessee. I get up there when I can...and hope that I am able to see everyone. Joel and I saw PeePaw Travis two years ago on Thanksgiving...and I hadn't seen him or spoken to him since then.

Me, Joel, Joe and Britney all flew up to Nashville for his funeral. It was a very nice service and the whole family was there to celebrate his wonderful life.

I learned more about my PeePaw Travis that day then I had ever known about him. Why is that? Why do funerals bring families back together? Tho older I get the more funerals I go to. I know that's just how it works....but it really makes you open your eyes to life.

I wish I would have already known all of those things about PeePaw Travis before he died. I wish I would made more of an effort to spend more time with him...get to know him better....and not just assume that he would be around the next time I was able to get to Tennessee.

It's too late for me to do that now...and I have learned from his passing. I WILL NOT let that happen again. I am going to build my relationships with my whole family regardless of how far apart we are. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family...and I need to spend every minute I can with them...and let them know how I care for them. They will not be around forever.

Seeing my father lose his father was one of the hardest things I have ever had to witness. All I could think about was when the day comes that I lose my father. Will I know everything about him? Will I have spent all of the time with him I could have?? We he know how much I loved him?? As of a week or so ago I couldn't have honestly answered those questions with a yes. As of today...I can.

You have heard it a million times....but man it's really sunk in this time. Life is too short to waste time worrying about things you can't change....or worrying if you are trying hard enough....or wondering what will happen tomorrow. Live every day the best you know how. I know there will be days that I fail....and I know there will be days that I do well. I just know that everyday of my life will include my family. I want them to be a part of everything I do. I know now that I will commit myself to being the best I can be to everyone in my family no matter how far away or close they may be!

I wish I could have seen then what I see now. I guess that's just the way life goes....that's what growing up is all about. You have to learn from mistakes....and grow with each mistake you make:-)

I cherish the memories I have of my PeePaw Travis...and know that he is in a better place now. Here are a few pictures from the cemetery where he was buried. It truly was a beautiful place:-) I will miss you PeePaw Travis. I also added a picture of a scrap page I did years ago...of me, Dad, PeePaw Travis and Thomas in 1996. It's a 4 generation picture. I am so glad he was able to meet his great grandson!!

Weekly Goals 9-20-10

This week I am going to focus mainly on one goal....exercise!!! This is what I have determined....

When I wanted to quit smoking it took me trying to quit multiple times before I FINALLY got sick of trying...and I just DID IT!!! It took a little while but I was ready. Well, that's where I am with the whole exercise thing. I have touched the subject more then once but haven't completely gotten where I want to be. I am READY now. I have had my fair share of trying and not completing it...and I am done:-) It's time to get serious. It's not only about looking better...but mostly about feeling better, living longer and setting an example for my children.

I am fortunate enough to have been raised eating very well. I like "good" foods. I don't like sodas...and don't care much for candy or ice cream. A lot of people are raised eating like crap and it makes it sooooo much harder to change their habits when they are older. This is one thing I have working for me....I need to be glad I have that...and roll with it!

I am NOT going on a major diet. I am NOT going to say that I will ONLY eat healthy foods...I am NOT saying that I am by any means planning on being perfect. What I AM saying is that I am going to get healthy and in the shape that I want to be in. I already feel so much better since I quit smoking....now it's time to get serious and make it happen.

I don't have far to go...drop a few pounds and tone up....NO BIG DEAL RIGHT??? It's harder then it sounds...but I know if I can quit smoking then this should be a breeze. I had smoked for a long time...and now haven't touched one in almost 5 months!

I am going to take this one step at a time. I know that I won't see the results tomorrow (wouldn't that be nice). I know that it will take some time...but will be WELL worth it in the long run!!

So....these are my goals for this week!

1. REALLY pay attention to portion control

2. Drink LOTS of water

3. Work out 4 times this week...either Yoga or Walking

4. Pay attention to fat,salt intake.

5. Eat lots of healthy snacks...veggies, nuts etc...

I am 5"10 and I weight 160lbs. My average weight is anywhere between 135 and 170...so I am NOT fat...but I would prefer to be closer to the 135 range. My goal is 140. I hope to lose a few pounds a week. Let's see what happens!!! I will re-post my weight next week and will be 100% honest with how I ate...my water intake...exercise etc.....

I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekly Goal Results 9-13-10

1. Exercise 4 times this week!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS! - not quite...grrrrr

2. Lots of WATER!!!!!!!!! - Yep!

3. Mail out photography info - Getting there

4. Scrap page! - Nope

5. Portion control - I did ok here....could do better!

6. Research camp info for Haley and Brenden - Yep....they will both being going to awesome camps next year!!!

7. Work on a yearly budget - Working on it!

8. Read more...less TV - Yes...enjoying every second of it too!

9. Change oil in car and truck - Done!

10. Margin in LIFE!- Working on it!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Goals 9/13/10

1. Exercise 4 times this week!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

2. Lots of WATER!!!!!!!!!

3. Mail out photography info

4. Scrap page!

5. Portion control

6. Research camp info for Haley and Brenden

7. Work on a yearly budget

8. Read more...less TV

9. Change oil in car and truck

10. Margin in LIFE!

Weekly Goal Results 9/6

1.Exercise 4 times this week - Getting better...but didn't make 4 this week....

2. Portion Control - Doing really well here....go me!

3. Hang up all stuff in Tmans room - Yes! joel got everything hung up for him...it looks great!

4. Keep up with laundry - YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting better at this too....I hate laundry:-(

5. Try some new "healthy" recipes - Nothing new this week....really focusing on protion control...and healthier options.

6. Finish address list for mail out - Done...going to get it ready for mailing this week!

7. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier - YES!

8. Work on the "margins" in your life! - Struggling here....trying to find the time!

9. Vitamins!! - Dang it:-(

10. Make time to read more....and watch less TV - Didn't watch much TV at all this week. The TV wasn't even on in our house Sunday except for the the Cowboys game!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Britney's Baby Shower 9-11-10

What a beautiful shower for a beautiful girl!!! I can't believe my big sister is having a little girl. I can't wait to meet her. Thomas is almost 14...it's been a LONG time since I have had a little one around...awe:-) The food was great...the company was great and that little girl is going to be spoiled rotten!! We wouldn't have it any other way:-) We played a fun game guessing the size of Britney's belly...there was a tie between tow girls..LOL. Oh, and we were able to watch the 4D video of the baby! That was AMAZING. I feel like I have already kind of met her but she's not here yet....weird!! She is so beautiful....and I am not just saying that because she will be my niece...she really is so pretty! Her little lips are the sweetest little things I have ever seen. Of course...Britney had to make me point my lips in front of EVERYONE!! ugh...why did I start doing that as a kid? It will never leave me alone. It's pretty funny though...or I am funny looking...LOL.

What a great day! I hope Britney enjoyed it as much as I did. Such a beautiful change coming in her and Joe's life that they will never forget! Being a parent is THE most amazing thing I have ever experienced in life. Joe and Britney will make wonderful parents. This little one will have a great life ahead:-) I am so thankful that I will be a part of it!!!!

We LOVE our new home:-)

Our little Texas Star!!

Texas Stone

Joel's Garage!!!

Big Garage.....LOVE IT!!!!!

Last weekend we did a few home projects...nothing major...but it sure is starting to feel like home:-)

I wish I had a before picture of the garage...it was a MESS!! It was the "throw it in there" pile when we moved in. Now...it's so organized!!! I like to walk in there just to look at it..lol! Here are a few pics of what we did around the house:-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekly Goals: 9/6/10

1. Exercise 4 times this week

2. Portion Control

3. Hang up all stuff in Tmans room

4. Keep up with laundry

5. Try some new "healthy" recipes

6. Finish address list for mail out

7. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier

8. Work on the "margins" in your life!

9. Vitamins!!

10. Make time to read more....and watch less TV

Weekly Goal Results: 8/30/10

1. LOTS OF WATER!!!!!!!!!! - YES!

2. Vitamins daily! - YES!

3. Exercise at least 4 times this week:-) - Nope....not quite:-(

4. Portion control - Other then our night out at Babe's I did really well!

5. Healthier cooking! - Somewhat....I am trying to fin new recipes....that are good...and healthy

6. Work on projects for kids rooms - Nope...will try this weekend

7. Advertise Simply Fun - Working on address list this week...want to send out next week

8. Go for a 2 lb loss this week! - Stayed the same:-( At least I didn't gain!

9. Work on creating margins in your life....you need them! - Working on this....still needs a little work

10. One on One time with T-Man! - Yes, we had a great "night out" this last weekend....LOTS of fun!!