Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Date Night

Joel and I are doing "date night" again. After going through some ups and downs...and now being back on track, we realize how important "date nights" are.
This one actually ended up more like a "date weekend"...but hey, whatever works right? We had an awesome time!!!!!

Friday night:
Fort Worth Food Park: I heard about this place on the radio and thought it looked pretty cool so we decided to check it out. The weather was PERFECT!! Really cool place....will be back for sure!

I am ready:-)

On our way to Fort Worth!
Fort Worth Food Park
Joel got a BLT and I tried the spicy pork was all delicious!!! We also met some super cool people and ended up chatting with them for a while. They gave us some new ideas of other cool places to check out in the area:-)
Saturday we spent the day together at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival...again...the weather ROCKED!!
We tried these chocolate dipped dessert thingies...strawberries and cheesecake. They weren't very good...and I had a homeless lady ask if she could have one of my strawberries. Of course...I said yes...then she yanked one off the end...
 While relaxing and enjoying some music at the festival..we ended up winning tickets to get see the band that evening at The House of Blues. We didn't that time we were worn out:-) We are getting old!
 We had heard about this burger place called The Twisted Root Burger. It was on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. Since there is one in Deep Ellum we decided to stop in for lunch:-) I got the Frito Bandito burger which has chili, cheese, quac and fritos on it. It was SOOOO GOOOD!!! Oh...and just FYI. They make their own pickles...and the bread and butter pickles are to die for!!! I could eat the whole freakin' jar!! Joel hates pickles...but he likes those!!
What a great day! On our way home we swung by farmers market to get some fresh fruit. Love this place!
What a great few days with my hubby! Looking forward to next months "date night"

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