Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekly GOal Results 8/23


2. Portion control - YES!

3. Only healthy snacks - I did ok...but could do better!!

4. Exercise EVERY day either Yoga or walking - NOPE...not ONCE!!!!!! Slacker!!!! Will do better next week:-)

5. Take vitamins - Better...but not every day!

6. Get lots of sleep - Yes, I have been going to bed earlier...LOVE IT!

7. Only one cup of coffee a day - Yep!

8. No eating past 8pm - Almost!

9. Only weigh yourself Monday and Sunday - Yep! I lost 2 lbs last week:-) Working closer to my goal of 15!! 13 to go:-)

10. Try a NEW recipe that is low in fat - Yes, Veggie wraps...they were delicious!!!! Would need to add chicken for Joel to like them:-)

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