Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thomas will be 13 soon!!!

We have some big plans for his 13th b-day. He is really excited about becoming a teenage...he also thinks he is GROWN!! UGH! We have decided to do something a little different this year for his b-day since it's a special one:-) He loves going to haunted houses this time of year so we decided he coudl take a few of his friends to Screams Theme Park! It's going to be a blast...him and his friends can hang out in the haunted houses and they have food and games to play!! What he doesn't know is I have a BIG surprise for him....He reads my blog ocasionally so I can't say what it is...but he is going to LOVE IT! I will post pictures from his b-day and from them you will be able to see what the surprise is!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY T-MAN!!!! I hope this is the best year of your life!!! You have so much to look forward to...there is a whole life out there...go live it!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A weird yet good experience

Today Joel, myself and the kids stopped by Tom Thumb to get a few things for Thomas's school project. Joel, Haley and Brenden sat in the truck while Thomas and I ran in. When Thomas and I walked through the door....the weirdest thing happened. There was a lady that worked at Tom Thumb standing at her register. She stopped us and told Thomas that he was a very pleasant young man and that good things were going to happen to him in his life. Then she looked at me and told me what a wonderful mother I am. She talked about the unconditional love we shared. Thomas and I just kind of looked at each other like...what the was so weird. I told the lady thanks and we went on our way. Thomas and I didn't say anything to each other for a few minutes because we were both thinking about what this lady had said. I turned and looked at Thomas and I told him that he should never forget what she said to him. I am not a big believer in psychics or anything....bu this woman truly felt what she said to him. She was a really neat woman and I really feel that there is a reason she said those things to us. I am not a very religious person...and for the first time in my life I really think this experience had something to do with God. Wow! What an experience...I just had to share:-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Last House On The Left

WOW! Last night my sister and I had a girls night in:-) It's been raining in Dallas for almost two weeks straight and it sounded like a great night for a big pot of chili. The chili was TOTALLY yummy for the record...and we decided to rent a scary movie. "The Last House On The Left". Britney and I are weird I guess...we like freaky movies like this. Let me just tell you if you haven't seen this's VERY disturbing. If you are a very sensitive person you might not want to watch it. It's not scary like boo scary. It's scary like OMG! I hope I never run into to someone like that. I think they did a really good job of keeping everything "real". A lot of horror movies are ruined because they go way overboard with the blood and guts stuff. This movie kept everything how it really would be...which is another reason it was even more freaky. I will not spoil the move ...... but I will say if you don't have a week stomach and you aren't very sensitive then you should see it. Oh and if you are interested in the Chili recipe it will be on my food blog this evening:-)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So Handsome:-)
It's so funny....Joel use to make fun of me because I was always on Myspace...and now it's Facebook. He always said it was stupid...blah, blah, blah! Well, now he LOVES Facebook. He is on it daily. Today he came home from work and said that I needed to take a picture of him so he could update his profile picture. I asked him why and he told me that the guys at work are making fun of his current profile picture...they said he looks like the main nerd in "revenge of the nerds" just without the galsses...LOL! So I took a few pics of him...Yes, he wanted me to take a few so he could pick out his favortie. It's soooo funny seeing him on Facebook after ALL this time he bugged me about it. Oh how I love him so! Here is his favorite picture...which is now his new profile picture. I am sure the guys at work will find something to say about this one too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's time for Football and Cheerleading again!!

I love this time of year...The kids have all started school....Haley is in Cheerleading...Brenden plays football and this year Thomas joined volleyball. Joel and I are soooo busy this time of year...but it's fun! Brenden's football games have already started and Thomas's volleyball games will start soon!! Here is a pic I took at Brenden's last football game...they lost this one...but kicked butt the first game. This weekend will be the first game that counts towards the playoffs:-) I hope they kick butt!! It's a lot of fun to watch Brenden play football. He is almost the smallest kid on his team...but he doesn't care...He LOVES playing football. He never knows the score of the game...what position he plays...when the next game is...NOTHING! All he cares about is having fun and playing and I think that's GREAT!
Joel and I really love watching all of the kids play in their sports. It's almost time for it to start getting cooler it! Chili...beefstew...yummy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My New Camera Bag!!

I bought myself a really cool b-day present!! I am so excited. I don't have everything I need to fill it up yet...but the time willcome:-0

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Astronaut Training Center

Thomas went to the Astronaut Training Center with his school last week. What a cool field trip. Last year Thomas complained that they didn't go on ANY cool field trips so I am glad they went on this one. Thomas came home that evening and talked about what a cool place it was and how much he learned:-) One of the room Mom's was nice enough to send me these pictures! I wish I could have gone too!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Crape Myrtle FINALLY bloomed!

We are totally excited!!! When we bought the tree it wasn't tagged so we had no idea what color it would be. Most of the threes at that nursery were red so we assumed it was going to be red. We waited...waited...waited...everyone else's crapes in our neighborhood had already we kept waiting....and waiting...and FINALLY ours started to bloom and it's sooo pretty! It's pink and kind of purple color. We both love it. Does it mean Joel and I are getting old when we sit outside in the evening talking about when our crape myrtle is going to bloom and anticipating it's color?? LOL! Oh life is good:-)

The is what we have had the past few months....FINALLY this is what we found!!!!