Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly Goals 8/23/10

Ok....enough is enough. It's REALLY A WONDERFUL thing that I haven't smoked in 12 weeks....but the fact that I have gained 10 pounds isn't cool at all! It's time get in the groove and lose these 10 pounds:-) I can do it....I just have to put in a little more effort! I am going to focus on my health a lot this week...and get back into a good healthy routine:-) I am looking forward to it! It was worth gaining a little weight to quit smoking....but now....I want to lose the weight...and NOT smoke!


2. Portion control

3. Only healthy snacks

4. Exercise EVERY day either Yoga or walking

5. Take vitamins

6. Get lots of sleep

7. Only one cup of coffee a day

8. No eating past 8pm

9. Only weigh yourself Monday and Sunday

10. Try a NEW recipe that is low in fat

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