Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Opportunity - I am going for it!!!!

I put in my notice at my job that I have been at for over 7 years. I have so many feelings running through my head....but the strongest feeling is excitement!!! I am leaving work to go to school full time. Focusing on school to pursue my career is what's most important right now!! The schedule that I was going to have working full time, going to school and still trying to be around for Thomas....just wasn't going to cut it...and Thomas and my school work would suffer.

I am so excited to take this new journey in life! I haven't "not" had a job in a really long time...and that what scares me the most....but once I get use to it I will love being a full-time student and Mama:-)

Lots of changes in the horizon.....and I am going for it!!!! Can't wait!!!!