Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekly Menu - 11/28/11

Monday: *NEW RECIPE* Grilled chicken and penne pasta

Tuesday: whatever...easy supper

Wednesday: Parmesan Chicken, rice, peas

Thursday: Tuna Melts, veggies

Friday: Meatloaf, mac-n-cheese, green beans

Sat: Out to eat with family!

Sun: Not sure yet....will probably need to go to the store by now:-)

Weekly Goals - 11/28/11

I am getting back into a routine...and enjoy doing my weekly goals and menu:-)

These are my goals for the week.

Work out at least 3 times
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night
Finish cleaning out the house
Read every night before bed:-)
Do your nails
No eating out during the week

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

My Mom and step Dad went to Utah this year for Thanksgiving and left all of us kids at home:-( Britney and her family went to that left me, Evy and Jason. Joel took his kids to Oklahoma to spend the holiday with his younger brother John. I am really glad he went. He needs to spend more time with his brothers!! It also gave me and Thomas some time alone...and with my sister and brother. Evy cooked her first Thanksgiving this year and it was AWESOME!!! Here is a pic of me and Thomas at dinner:-) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I was hoping to host Thanksgiving at my house this year...but things changed:-( Maybe next year!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"MY" idea of a perfect day

These are the days that I want to have. I know that things change and other elements will be thrown in...but for the most part this is how I want me week days to go!

Get up early - go for a jog
Go to Yoga in the evening

Have a healthy breakfast...get ready for work....get a cup of coffee to get my brain working

Focus on work...and get as much done as possible....then stop for a lunch break

Enjoy a healthy lunch - get up and walk around...

Finish the work day while snacking healthy throughout the day

Home - help Tman with school work while I cook supper

Get some chores done around the house - laundry...clean up kitchen...etc...

Walk dogs with Joel

Me time

Bath - Book - hot tea - bed!

To me...this is a perfect day. I work for this day really hard...sometimes I get everything done...and sometimes I don't. That is ok...but I will work harder to make "This day" more of the norm:-)

LIFE IS GOOD...Make the best of it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Joel - Dirt Bike Accident #2

Well, it's happened again. Joel wrecked his bike this weekend and broke 3 of his ribs. The hospital thought he had also torn his aorta...thank Gos he didn't...that would have been really bad news. You add up the money this will cost us...the pain Joel has to go through....the time off's NOT worth it. I hope he will seriously rethink his hobby. Maybe it's time for a new, less dangerous, less expensive hobby:-) You think????

Happy Halloween 2011

Thomas is now 15 years old. He LOVES Halloween...but is a little old to trick-or-treat. I am so glad that he worked the haunted house this year. What an awesome way to spend his Halloween. When kids get to this age things get weird. They are too old to trick-or-treat...they don't want to hang out at home with Mom and Dad...but they are still too young to roam the streets with this worked out great. This was Thomas's first year to work it and I can bet he will do it again next year. The haunted house is volunteers only. None of the actors get paid. All of the money that the haunted house makes goes to charity!

This is what Thomas looked like after he got home late that evening...and he was of course. I hooked him up:-) Love this kid to death! Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

10 for 10 (Nov 10, 2011)

Love this....but wish it wasn't on a workday:-( Every 10th day of each month you take a picture every hour on the hour for 10 hours. It's cool to look back at these to see what you were doing that day:-)

Nov, 10, 2011

11am fun. I work from home on M,W,F...but today was one of my "in the office" days:-)

12 noon
I spent most of my lunch filling out these darn papers for the house we are buying. It's amazing the amount of trees that are killed just so you can buy a house...or sell a house. Geeez Louise.

Trying really hard to drink at least 8 cups of water a day...that's about 3 of these:-)
Snack Time - My friend Stacey brought this dip and crackers....The dip is an artichoke and jalapeno...YUMMY!3pm
Time for a cup of hot green tea as I wind down my work day:-)
Headed home - this is the only part about the days I have to drive to the office. Traffis takes me at least an hour to get home:-(6pm
Time to catch up on facebook to see what everyone is up to:-) Sorry for the crappy pics....all I had today was my cell phone to take pics:-(7pm
Dinner with my hubby - not sure what's up with this crazy was wondering why in the heck I was even taking the picture:-)
Time to pick up Tman from youth group. He goes every Thursday evening and seems to really have a good time:-)9pm
It's time to hit the sack....and I try to have one last glass of water for the day right before I go to bed:-)That's my 10 for 10 this month:-) A pretty typical Tues or Thurs.