Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 8-2-10

1. Be nice to everyone....even if they aren't very nice to you:-) - I am getting better at's not always easy to be nice to mean people...

2. Think more about your future...and how to plan for your family moving forward. - I am focused...and on my way to a wonderful future for me and my family!

3. Read's good for you:-) - not so much...I have been so darn busy!

4. Really pay attention to what you put in your body! You only get one take care of yourself the best you can! - Working on this!!

5. Spend good quality time with all of the people you love - YES!!!

6. Don't spend time worrying about things you have NO control over...just trust that everything with work itself out. - Yes! THIS get's easier the more you do it!

7. Lots of WATER!! - Didn't drink water like I should have last week...need to get back on track!

8. NO SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ME!

9. Tell people you care about them..... - Yep...getting better at this:-)

10. Get more sleep..... - Trying....need to work on this some more.

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