Monday, August 9, 2010

Women's Murder Club - James Patterson drive to work just got a lot longer since we moved to Mansfield. I don't mind the drive so much...but it gets boring listening to the same old radio show every morning. I decided to try books on CD. I haven't ever done it before...and wasn't sure I would like it...but I am glad I did! I LOVE IT! It makes my ride to work so much better. I have even missed my exit before because I was so into the book LOL! I decided to go with an author that I like...James Patterson. I am on the second book (2nd to die) in the Women's Murder Club and it's great. Below is a description of the series. If you are thinking of trying a book on CD or just looking for a good murder/mystery/love story book you will most likely enjoy this series.

Lindsay Boxer, Cindy Thomas, Claire Washburn and Jill Bernhardt, the stars of 1st to Die and 2nd Chance, are the founding members of the Women's Murder Club. Later, in 4th of July, Yuki Castellano joins the Club. Together, they solve crimes in their home city of San Francisco, and often meet up to talk about clues and life over Mexican food and drinks at Susie's. The next Women's Murder Club novel, The 9th Judgment, will be in stores April 26th.

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