Sunday, March 27, 2011

You never know what tomorrow might bring..........'s amazing how quickly life can change.

Joel went to the doctor last week because I had been nagging him to go get a physical....just to get checked out...I mean we aren't getting any younger...and I don't know that he had ever been to a doctor "just to get checked out". So, he decided to go and we were surprised by the outcome.

We found out that Joel has really bad heart disease. He is only 32 years it was kid of a shock to us. He does have family history of heart I am really glad he went to get checked out and we found out about this now. Later might have been too late!

Long story short the doctor made it very clear to Joel how sick he is...and that it's time to make some major changes in life or he might now be around much longer:-(

It scared me when I first heard the news...but's just a push to get healthy and stay healthy so that we can someday see our grandchildren:-)

It's been a week since Joel met with the doctor and he has done a WONDERFUL job at making progress in the right direction of saving his heart:-) He lost 7 pounds in just one week!

If you watch my food blog....the posts are about to change A LOT! I have been doing a lot of research and getting information from friends...etc... Joel and I are both ready to make a 100% change in our diet to get his heart healthy and to help mine stay that way! It sucks that something like this has to happen to really push you to make the change....but it did. I am just glad we found now.

This is just another chapter in our life that we will pull through together!

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