Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 7 - WEEK ONE - 30 Day Challenge

I didn't make it to Yoga ....but I did everything else....I also weight myslef for the first week progress...and even though I got off track a little...I still did ok! I lost 2 pounds...and hope to see that number continue to drop over the next 3 weeks!

I am now at 158
I worked really hard on watching what I ate and controlling my portions. I was almost religous about drinking 8 cups of water a day and getting lots of sleep! I ate breakfast every day...didn't have ONE soda...and NO sweets!

I am going to work really hard on meeting my goals with working out this week...and see what type of progress I have as of next "weigh in" 7 more days!!

LET'S SEE!!!! I am pumped:-) It's always nice to see some type of progress....even if it's a's a little in the right direction:-)

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