Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lady Gaga - Monster Ball 2011

Last night Thomas went to his first "big" concert. I really wanted to go...but I guess it's not cool to take your Mom to a concert at 14 huh? Darn:-( I love Lady Gaga! He took his friend Azaria and they had a great time. Thomas said it was the best night of his life!

Gosh, I remember going to concerts at that age...and it was the coolest thing to do,....so much fun! I am glad he was able to go. Some said it might be a little wild...but Thomas said it was fine. He isn't a baby anymore...so I knew he could handle it. You can't keep your kids sheltered too long!

They had a freaking blast and are now proud to call themselves "little monsters" LOL!

I love that boy!

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