Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A REAL Chicago Style Deep Dish....YUM!

Joel LOVES deep dish pizza's. We have been trying to find "the place" to get a real deep dish. After trying lots of pizza places close to our new house we have FINALLY found "our" Pizza place:-) It's called The Chicago Corner. It's a little whole in the wall place in Arlington...close to our house. The pizza takes 45 minutes to cook...we will order ahead of time next time we go...but this time it was worth the wait! It was DELICIOUS!!!! The cheese and meat is in the middle and the sauce is on top....YUM!!!

The people that were sitting in the booth behing us said it looked we gave them a peice of it....they loved it too. It was also their first time at the restaraunt. It's nice to meet good people. We had good converstation with them too:-)

If you live in the Dallas area...and will make the drive to will love this deep dish!

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