Friday, December 24, 2010

Ytah Vacation Day 3-4

The last few days have been great. I am in a better mood...thank goodness. Yesterday Joel took all of the kids skiing by himself and me and Mama spent the day together. I was nervous about Joel being with the kids all day by himself...but it turned out great! They all had a wonderful time together and I think it was good bonding time with the kids for Joel:-)

Me and Mama spent the day shopping at Costco. I love trying all of the samples:-) Then we went to the Rooster for lunch. It's a little place downtown that has great food! I have a pear salad with salmon....yum! I decided to have a healthy lunch since I have been eating so bad this week!

Then Mama and I went home and started getting dinner ready while the kids were headed home. I spent more time today reading my book and relaxing as well! It was a good day!

Then today Joel and I are spending the day together while the kids go skiing with Nana and Sir. We decided to go out and do a little shopping for a few small things for the kids since tomorrow is Christmas. We already did Christmas with them at home but want them to have a few small things to open on Christmas morning:-) Then we stopped downtown and had lunch together. Now we are back at the house enjoying some quiet time before everyone comes down off the slopes!

It's been a great vacation. I sure do miss my sweet girl Bella...I can't wait to get home and give her a big kiss!!!

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