Monday, December 20, 2010

More little winter projects:-) Brenden's room

We have been working on Brenden's room a little. He wasn't sure how he wanted it set up but I know that two of his favorite things in life right now are football and skateboarding....sooo...I put the two together and his room is starting to look pretty cool! I still want to do a few more comforter for his beds...a new night stand....and some better storage in his closet...then he will be all set!

My Mom got him this really cool mural for X-Mas...It almost takes up the whole wall. The picture really does it no looks cool!

Then for the skate board wall...I posted a "want" ad on craigslist to see if someone had old skateboards that they didn't want...and I couldn't believe it...but just a few days later a guy emailed me saying he had a bunch of them...but they were all broken in half. I said that was PERFECT!!! So, I hung them all up on his wall and he put some skating stickers on the and on the wall. I think it looks really neat:-)

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