Sunday, December 19, 2010


I am NOT a winter's not only the cold that I don't like....I don't like having to bundle up to go outside. I like flip flops and tank tops! Christmas is a beautiful holiday and great time to be with your family...but lets face it. It's also the biggest MONEY PIT EVER! Ugh!

Winter is also the time that I spend cleaning out and reorganizing my house. It's too cold outside to do anything why not??

Today Thomas left to drive up to Utah with his Nana. I went straight to his bedroom this morning to start my "cleaning out" process. Yes, Thomas cleans his room...but he is also 14:-) Do you think he ever actually "cleans out" his room? I think NOT!

I managed to come up with a HUGE goodwill pile! Too bad Brenden isn't a little bigger...he would have some awesome hand me downs. I use to love getting my older sisters clothes when she out grew them:-)

I plan on finding a way to re-organize Thomas's room while he is out of town so he can come home to an organized room that will allow him to be able to do his homework in enough space that he is comfortable. There just has to be a better way to rearrange his room...and I will find it!

Here is a picture of what his room looks like's a mess (go figure) and as you can see there just isn't enough room. He doesn't even have room for a desk. The wallpaper was there when we moved in. We plan to do something different soon...but haven't been able to just yet:-) It's not a small room...he just has a lot of "stuff"...wonder what I will come up with!

I will post the after picture in a few weeks!

I am also going to work on the kids "play-room". It's a really cool room that is upstairs and it's all theirs! I have LOTS of movie posters that I get from work. I think I am going to incorporate them into the design of the play-room. It looks a little boring right now. I will post pictures of it later. Here is a before picture though:-)

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