Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Goals 12-13-10

I am feeling great!! I am slowly but surely getting back on track with working out! I haven't smoked in over 6 months now!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! I gained a little weight after I quit...but that's ok, I am going to shed it off soon enough. I just need to eat my way through Christmas then I will be back on track:-) I am going to be looking good next summer! Watch out! I am going to continue focusing mostly on my portion control...drinking lots of water....getting plenty of sleep.... and eating healthy:-) Once I get back from the holidays I will start making weekly goals again:-) It sure does feel good to meet all of my goals every week! I know...I am a total dork,,,but it's what I like to do!! goal this week. NO PEPPERMINT MOCHAS.....NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG...they are sooo goooood! Grande 360 whopping calories...oh so sad:-(

Have a great week everyone:-)


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