Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 4-19-10

1. NO SMOKING!!!! - Still smoking...:-(

2. Drink LOTS of water - Yep!

3. Portion Control - Yes, I have been very good with my portion control this week!

4. P90X M-Sa - Almost! I am doing it as much as I possibly can...I am so darn busy!

5. Work on project for Thomas's room - Yes, a little...I am going to try to finish it this weekend:-)

6. Edit and email pics from Village Creek - Done!

7. Have an open mind to life:-) Life is good....LIVE IT! - Oh yeah! Life is good:-)

8. Don't let ignorant people get in your's NOT worth it......stay strong and do what you know is best:-) It will all pay off in the long run! - Haven't even let that person cross my mind...soooo not worth it!

9. Get Thomas signed up for Youth Program - Yes, he went Sunday and had a blast...he is meeting lots of new friends:-)

10. RENT SUITE FOR THOMAS'S SPRING BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP:-)- Got it! He had a blast at the gym:-)

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