Wednesday, April 14, 2010

P90X Day #1 about all I have to say. Wow...what a workout. I am really glad that I decided to get it. Let me start by saying that my plan is to do the full 90 days as best as I can and see what happens:-) I am going to take my before pics tonight....then my 30 day pics...then 60 day pics and finally 90 day pics. I will not post them until I have them all and I am done with the program. I am pumped. I can tel you from lasts nights workout that this is going to be tough!! From what everyone tells me it's WORTH IT! I just need to hang in there. I can hardly type today my arms are so sore....LOL. If you are interested here is the website. I bought it new.....I know that you can also find it cheaper on or I am not sure why I didn't want to buy it used....I just didn't. Maybe I think if I pay full price for it I will be more willing to do the workouts...LOL. Who knows!

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