Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week #1 of P90X---- I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew!! I MADE IT!!! There were times I didn't think I would....but I did:-) Other than the Yoga...I really enjoyed all of the workouts. They are hard...don't get me wrong...but I know that in a few weeks they will get easier as my body gets stronger. I think I am going to switch out the Yoga next week for a different workout...I just can't bend enough for the Yoga:-( Hopefully in time I will be able to do it! I have been averaging between 350-500 calories burned per night of the workouts...that's pretty darn good in my book. I wonder if I will start burning more once my body gets stronger? I would think so..... Looking forward to my ONE day a week without P90X tomorrow...then back to it Monday afternoon.

Oh...and I will have to get Joel to snap a picture of my great dane Bella while I am working out. She CRACKS me up!! When I do the stretches she gets right beside me and stretches too. I sware she thinks she is human and that she is working out with me. She is freaking ADORABLE! I love that dog to death...couldn't live without her...or my sweet boy Braxton. He comes in the room and chills out and watches me workout but there is no way he will get his lazy butt up and workout with me. Ok....I need to stop....I am talking about my dogs working out with me. You know how they talk about those crazy cat ladies??? I guess I am a crazy dog lady. They seriously are my world:-)

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