Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 3-29-10

1. NO SMOKING YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!! - SMOKED WAYYYYY too much this week.:-( I AM going to get back on track!

2. Stick to budget - YES! I am doing great in this area

3. Exercise at least twice this week - I worked out once this week.....I need to STEP IT UP!

4. Portion control - YEP! Doing good here

5. Start making plans for repairs on the house before we move out - Yes, have been working on this as well

6. LOTS of water - Didn't do bad...but could drink more:-)

7. Take vitamins daily!! - Totally slacked off of this....will start working on it more this hard is it to take a few pills every day....Ii don't forget my birth control...LOL

8. Bed no later than 11pm - Doing good here...other then Sat night...I couldn't sleep...I was up until 3am...BOOO!

9. Read more.scrap more - Read more....didn't scrap any....but will try to do more this week!

10. Take some online photography classes - Yes, I learned more about white balance this week...

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