Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 3-8-10

1. NO SMOKING - Ugh...I have been sneaking a puff of Joels here and there...He has promised starting tomorrow to not smoke at home at all...It really makes it hard for I plan to get back on track this week:-)

2. Walk M, W, F at work...and try working out at home Tu and Th. - I walked at work....and at home..I have also started doing a little at home like push-ups....crunches...etc. I have now lost 6 pounds....but after dinner tonight I probably gained it all!

3. Lost of water - Yes!

4. NO sodas - Not one:-) Sodas are BAD

5. Portion Control - I am doing pretty good at this...I still go overboard every once in a while...but not all of the time:-)

6. Keep tracking all of our March spendings to find ways we can save money - Every penny...

7. Put together some fun things to do over Spring Break with the kiddos - Yep:-) Lots of fun stuff planned...wish T-Man was here:-(

8. Write a letter to someone you care about - I sure didn't...I need to do this...

9. Have one night this week that is you and Thomas time:-) - Yes...we did spend a lot of one on one time together this week and it was nice:-)

10. Go to bed before 11pm and get up extra early every day this week!!!'s 10:50...time to hit the sack....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- Yep...boy what a difference it makes...who would have

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