Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 3-22-10

1. NO SMOKING!!!!!! Stress isn't an excuse to smoke! - Stress is NOT a reason to smoke....but I smoked more this week then I have in months....I am going to tray again this coming get myself back in control!

2. Exercise at LEAST 3 times this week! - I didn't exercise ONCE this week...ugh...

3. Stick to Menu Plan...NO questions asked:-) - I stuck to it a few days...then we ate out...UGH!

4. Stick to budget! - Other then eating out...I did ok here:-)

5. Keep up with spendings - Every penny!!

6. Work on more scrap projects - Yep...I have been working on a few things:-) Hope to get them finished this coming week!

7. Bed before 11pm - Every night except one...couldn't sleep...I tried though:-)

8. Work with T-Man and get him back on track for the last quarter of school - Working with him:-) He is a good child....13 just isn't an easy age:-(

9. Finish at least one of the 3 books I am reading:-) - Still working on this...enjoying all of them!

10. Keep an open mind on buying a home:-)- We sure DID and it paid off!!!! We bought a house...and close on May 26th!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!

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