Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 3-1-10

It was a good week. Was I perfect?? it was still a great week:-)

1. NO SMOKING - I had one:-(

2. Keep track of March Spendings (EVERY PENNY) - Yep....we spend A LOT of money....and keeping track of it on paper...really shows the areas that we can easily save lots of money!

3. No sodas - I had a sprite at dinner tonight...but that's it

4. Low budget dinners (that are still yummy) - Yep!

5. Walk at work (Mon, Wed & Fri) Gym - (Tu, Th & Sa) I walked M, W, F at work...but didn't work out at the gym...I am thinking that might be another area I can save some money...and just work out at home...not sure yet

6. Portion Control - track calories - I am been doing very well at this:-) Go me...

7. Lots of water - Oh yeah

8. Scrap Page ( finish the bridal shower book) Didn't even start on this...dang it

9. Focus on what me and Joel talked about (personal stuff... I won't bore you will details) - Yes...I am working really hard on this and it's really paying off:-)

10. Finish and mail Loris pics...and work on Thomas Basketball Team Pics!! Almost finished!

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