Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Haley's 12th B-Day

Haley's B-Day was Feb 15th. I am a little behind in my blogging...but figured I still needed to get this up:-) I can't believe Haley is already 12!! It seems like I met her yesterday...she was only 8...and a little bitty thing. She has grown up so much. She is turning into a young lady. It won't be long before she is heading off to college. Gosh...they grow up way too fast:-) She has been begging us to have her B-Day party at Incredible Pizza for a few years now...so we decided to do it. It was PACKED with lots of screaming children....but other then that it was lots of fun for the kids. They have decent food and TONS of games, rides and miniature golf for the kids. Joe and I are glad she had a great party this year. HAPPY B-DAY HALEY!!! I have lots more pics...will post them soon!!

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