Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break!

YAY!! Spring Break is here. Man...I wish I was a kid again. This is when it starts getting warm...and you can finally start doing things outside again...LOVE IT!!!!! We worked on the yard this weekend and got everything cleaned up. I worked on the house...still have a little more to do...but I am almost there. Thomas left for Utah today...he is spending the week with his Nana...skiing...hiking...etc. What fun! Joel and I have Haley and Brenden for the week. We have lots of fun stuff planned with them:-) They are going to a cool Spring Break camp during the day. There they get to do all kinds of fun stuff and meet new friends. We are taking them to Six Flags on fun!!! If the weather holds up we hope to do a little fishing too:-)

I don't get the week off work for Spring Break...but I am going to do a few things this week that I enjoy too! Joel and I are going to take a second look at a house week looked at a week ago....if we still like it as much as we think we do...we plan to put an offer on it. The other house that we put on offer on is awesome...but it's a short it could take MONTHS to see if we get in the meantime we have been looking at other houses and found this one...we LOVE IT! We are going out tomorrow night to look at this house again:-) Tuesday night I am having a "girls night" with my big sister. I am really looking forward to spending some time with her. We both have so many exciting things going on in our lives right now that we have LOTS to talk about!! Sat night Joel and I have a DATE planned...dates don't happen around here much because we are always so I am really looking forward to a night alone with NO children. We will spend the day together hanging out at the house...then we are going out to dinner...after dinner we are going to watch the Motor Cross Races..FUN FUN!!! I also plan to get caught up on a little scrapbooking this week-) I have lots of great pages I want to do...just haven't had time to do them...

Well...that's pretty much my week in a nut shell...I hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break as well!!!

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