Sunday, February 20, 2011

"The Guardian" Review

I posted a blog about the book "The Guardian" that my book club was reading. I have finished the book...and LOVED it! Here was my original post

I LOVED the book. It was a great love story. A little predictable...but so are most Lifetime movies...and I love them too:-) Julie loses her husband and is given a little great dane puppy to help her get through the loss and pain. She names the puppy Singer they become very close. For years she doesn't get into another serious relationship...then finally decides to start dating. She dates this guy Richard only a few times...but doesn't fall for him. She ends up falling for a guy Mike, that her and her husband were both good friends with. Richard is crazy and doesn't want to let go of Julie. He comes after her and just like the book title says.....Singer is her "Guardian".

I adopted a little great dane puppy just a few days after reading this it only seemed fair to name him "Singer"

Great book...good story....easy to read....sad...but loving ending:-) Would recommend!

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