Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Goal Results 1-31-11

1. Yoga/Walking 3 times a week at least! - Almost!! The weather hurt my chances this week!
2. Lots of water - YES
3. Lots of reading - YES! I read a bunch one night before I went to bed and dreamt that the bad guy in the book was after freaked me out!
4. Get up earlier during the week - Didn't have to because we were snowed in...will work on it this week!
5. Keep pushing Thomas in the right direction:-) - Trying...teenagers are tough:-(
6. Try to do something for - Not once...I need to work on this
7. Vitamins - Every day!
8. Lots of sleep - Oh yeah!
9. Eat healthy and watch your portions - Yes!
10. Finish the kids playroom! - Not done yet....dang it!

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