Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sad News.....

Well, Joel and I had to make a really tough decision. We had to take Brice back to the shelter. He wasn't a good fit for our family. He needs to be out on a ranch and have room to run which we didn't have to offer him. We hoped that walking him 3 times a day would help...but it didn't. He just isn't an inside dog. We hope and pray that someone with some land will adopt him soon. He was such a sweetheart and it was a really tough decision...but we know we did what he had to:-(

Joel and I are going to do a little more research before adopting again. Our heart just fell for Brice even though he wasn't a good breed for us. We are thinking of adopting another dane. I know you think we are crazy because they are so big...but danes are a good breed for us. They are very good dogs...easy to train....low energy....very relaxed and super friendly. Bella has been one of the BEST dogs anyone could ever ask for. They really are gentle giants:-) Hopefully we will find the right dog for us (and Bella) soon:-)

We are on the lookout for our new baby!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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