Sunday, February 20, 2011


Other than this week...I have been on a pretty good routine of going to Yoga. It's FINALLY starting to pay off. I have lost a little weight and the way my clothes fit are changing. Summer us just around the corner...and I hope to be where I want to be by then! Staying motivated is the hardest part. I keep telling myself...if I can quit smoking then I can workout better...and have the body and health that I want! RIGHT?? Easier said then done...but I am moving in the right direction.

Last week we got a new puppy and he has me and Joel up every few hours each it was a rough week and I didn't make it to workout once:-( I did walk the dogs a few times...watched what I ate...and drank TONS of water....but I didn't workout:-( Our puppy "Singer" is already getting use to his new this week should be much easier. The weather is AWESOME that should make it easier to take more walks with my babies!!!

Yoga is also helping my back TONS! This week my back was a little sore and I know it's because I didn't go. When I go to Yoga at least a few times a week I can tell a HUGE difference in my back...I don't have any pain...and I am much more flexible:-)

I am looking forward to a good week!

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