Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our New Addition "Taz Patterson"

Well...Joel and I made a total impulsive decision yesterday to stop by the Arlington Humane Society on our way home from Costco. We do that every once in a while to see the puppies. There were lots of cute dogs there...and less pit bulls then normal which makes me happy. They have a really hard time adopting pits. We saw this sweet dog and decided to meet him. The second he walked into the room he came up to me and leaned against me as if he was giving me a big ole' hug! He melted my heart and I knew he needed to come home with us. We named him Brice at first....but after having him a day we renamed him Taz...for tasmanian devil...he is a wild one!! He is some type of Blue Tick, Australian Cattle....mix. He is a sweetheart and is full of energy! It's going to be a big change for us. Bella is a big ole' lazy great dane. She is super easy to take care of. We have been reading more about his breed and it sounds like he will keep up busy. He needs LOTS of exercise and lots of attention! I am looking forward to giving it all to him! He might just be the changing part of our life that we need....he will whip us into shape:-) Here are a few pics we took of him right after we picked him up...and a video of Bella and Taz meeting for the first time. Bella really likes him!!!!!

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