Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Book Club book "The Guardian"

I actually read this book a long time ago...but am looking forward to reading it again:-) It's a great story...and I don't remeber all of the reading it again will be good. I will meet up with my friends in about a month to talk about everyones thoughts on the book....then start a new one! I am really diggin' this whole "book club" thing! It's a lots of fun and is allowing me to meet lots of new people! LOVE IT!


Julie Barenson becomes a widow at 25 when her new husband Jim dies of cancer. After his death, a puppy is delivered to her house with a backdated note from Jim saying he wants her to be happy. She names the dog Singer and tries to move on with her life in a small coastal North Carolina town.
Years pass and Singer grows into his Great Dane frame. Julie tests the dating waters with Richard Franklin, a consultant new to town. Jim's best friend Mike realizes he loves Julie, but must watch from the wings as she goes out with Richard. After a few dates, Julie breaks up with Richard and Mike gets the nerve to tell Julie how he feels.
However, Richard isn't ready to let Julie go. A budding relationship between Julie and Mike is strained by Richard's obsessive behavior. Even Singer is suspicious of Richard and asserts his role as The Guardian.

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