Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 2-15-10

1. NO SMOKING - this will be a weekly goal for the rest of my life - Well...I broke down and smoked 2 ciggs this week:-( I am back on track now!!

2. Portion Control - I did great at this until I went out to dinner with friends to an AWESOME place...but I am doing pretty good in this area:-)

3. Gym...4 times:-) - Only 2 this week....slacker!

4. NO sodas - Not a one:-)

5. Search for new school options for T-Man - Yes, I have done a lot of research on schools. We are going to have a few good options when we move. I don't want T-Man going to a public school.

6. Finish editing Britney's Pics and send her the CD:-) - Nope...I am almost finished and am planning to mail them to her this week!

7. Eat healthy - I am doing OK on this...need to work a little harder in this area!

8. GET YOUR OIL CHANGED!!! - YES! Finally!

9. Keep track of calories burned daily for the entire week - Yes...I really like this...I feel it's helping me with my eating habits:-)

10. Finish "The Husband" - Still working on finishing this book...It's good...I am just so darn busy all the time:-)

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