Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Joel and I have been on a roller coaster ride trying to figure out where we want to move and what type of house we want...and what we can afford...and what the kids would want....etc...etc...etc. I thought looking for a house would be fun? Ok...it's fun....but it also wears you out! After going around in many circles we have come to an agreement (or compromise) that we think will make everyone happy.

What Joel and I want - We would love to live out in the country and have a few acres of land. I would love to start a garden....and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country life. I have always been a country girl. Joel loves living in the country as well. It's also closer to his kiddos which is something Joel wants...to be closer to his kids:-) We want a 4 bedroom so all of the kids can have their own room. We want to be able to still get to work in a reasonable amount of time. We want a newer house then what we live in now...with a game room for the kiddos. Oh and how could I forget that Joel MUST have a garage:-)

What Thomas wants - He DOES NOT want to live in the country. He doesn't want to change schools and move away from all of his friends. He wants to stay closer to the city and his Nana:-) He wants a bigger room and a pool.

What Haley and Brenden want - They don't live with us so they probably don't really care either way...but I do know that they would love to have their Dad living closer to them. Right now we live an hour away (without traffic). It makes it tough to make it to EVERY event they have.

The Compromise - Ok...so this is what Joel and I have FINALLY come up with. We are going to get everything we want out of a house...4 bedroom...newer home...2 car garage...game room. We have decided to NOT move way out to the country. It's just not good for us right now and we think it would make the move so much harder on Thomas then it needs to be. We are however still going to move closer to Haley and Brenden...that way Joel can be more involved in their lives. He is super pumped about that...and I sure the kids will be too. The location will still be drivable for Joel and I to work ....and Thomas will still be close to his friends and will still be able to go to a High School that some of his friends are going to:-) We have decided since we are giving up the country life (land) that we want a pool:-) We love to entertain and have friends and family over...and what better way to do in the hot summers of Texas?? YAY! I am super excited. So....we have narrowed it down and the hunt is on. The "perfect" house will come along soon and we will be able to start a new chapter in our lives.

Joel and I were both so relieved once we came to this conclusion. It was like 100 pounds were lifted off our backs. We know it's the right decision because it just fell into place...so we are confident that it happened the way it was supposed to:-)

Wish us luck. Hopefully I will be posting pics of our first house on here soon!!!! Oh...and I have posted a picture of one of the houses pools that we are looking at tomorrow. I think I could hang out on that patio all summer with NO problems:-) Nothing but a nice tan!!! How exciting...maybe it's "the one"!!!

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