Friday, July 2, 2010

Camp La Junta 2010

Well...another year has come and gone. This was Thomas's 7th year at Camp La Junta....and once again he had an absolute BLAST and can't wait to go back next year. This was his last year as a regular camper. Next year he will be an AC (advanced camper). They get to do more stuff and have less supervision basically. I am soooo glad he gets to go to this camp every year. He really loves it! Normally they have closing ceremonies where they hang out awards...etc...but because of the weather they had to do a drive through pick up. We literally drove through the camp picked Thomas up and kept on driving all the way back home. I was disappointed because I really enjoy the closing ceremonies...but that's ok...what can you do right? I also forgot my camera...ugh! Mama did snap this one picture with her phone. This was on our way home...we had stopped for a little lunch:-) He is just so darn handsome. He thinned out a little this summer like he always does. He was eager to get home but also talked about all the cool things he is looking forward to doing next year! Welcome home T-Man. We missed you like crazy!!!!

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