Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Sweet Braxton - Hang in there buddy!

Oh how I love that boy:-) He is truly my love! We have had Braxton for 4 years and he has been one of the best additions to this family by far. He is such a great dog. He has the sweetest personality unlike any dog I have ever known. He makes me smile no matter what kind of mood I am in.

He is in the hospital as I type. I pray every second that he will come home soon but have a very strong feeling in my heart that he will not come home at all:-( There is something wrong with his stomach. The doc doesn't know if it's an object that he swallowed which is blocking anything from passing through his stomach or if it's a tumor..etc... The doc will call me tomorrow morning and let me know if he thinks surgery is our best option. Once he gets inside he will know if it's an object or something worse. If it's an object he should be able to remove it and Braxton should be fine. If it's something else...then we don't know if Braxton will be able to survive:-( Tomorrow is going to be a ROUGH day if Joel and I have to put him to sleep. Ugh....please let me have him a little longer...please? I need him. He is my life....and Bella's (my great dane) life. I don't know what she will do without him. She had never known life without her brother:-(

Joel took this picture of me and Braxton today at the vets office. We were able to walk him outside for a little bit and spend some time with him. He was in good spirits and was really happy to see us. He thought he was going home:-( I really hope this isn't the last picture I have with my bubba....but if it is I am sure glad I had Joel take it! Don't mind my red eyes....I have been crying like a baby all day today:-(

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