Thursday, July 15, 2010

Braxton Update:

Today Braxton came home. There is nothing more the vet can do for we thought it would be best if he came home and spent the rest of his time with his family:-) Poor little guy is in pretty bad shape. You wouldn't know it right now though...he is happy and he can be....well...I guess he goes back and forth.

When we arrived to pick him up he was SOOO happy to see me and Thomas. His little butt was just a shakin'. Once we got home...he was super happy for about 10 minutes....then he went way down hill. He was throwing up and laying around doing nothing. It didn't look good. Then...about an hour later...he was up and happy as can be. He even went for a swim in the pool! He LOVED that:-)

He ate a little food and drank some water which is a really good sign. We will see how he does tomorrow. The vet thinks we only have a few weeks with him at most....but I think he might just be a wonder dog!!!! If he keeps going like he did today...he should be able to hang around longer then that. Let's hope anyway!

Either way it's great to have him home and to see him so happy for the most part:-) He is a special dog that is loved so much!!! I will enjoy every second I have left with him!

I will keep you guys updated on how he is doing! Keep him in your far it's working!!!

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