Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 6-28-10

1. Finish Thomas's room before Wednesday night!!! - DONE!


3. Portion Control - Yes, I have been working really hard on my portion control!

4. Yoga at LEAST 4 times this week! - I made it 3 times this week....

5. Lots of water!!! Take vitamins daily! - YES! I am a water drinking fool!!

6. NO SODAS - Not ONE!

7. Finish pictures of Britney's reception! - Not yet...I am getting there though:-) Should be finished this week.

8. Get up early and make really make for a better day! - Yep! It was a great week:-)

9. Walk dogs more - We are walking them every day and they LOVE it!!

10. Make a "family" pizza night with the kids!- Had a great weekend with the kids. We are spent a lot of quality time together:-)

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