Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So...I was thinking.....

I am going to try a new diet to go with my new found love for Yoga. It's quite simple actually and it's a NO FAIL diet. Those are the best right??? is it....

"If it's bad for you... DON'T EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

If I can just stick to that I will be good to go! I know what's good for me and what's's what I am going to do. Will it be hard?? Um YEAH! doesn't sound too bad....I will try. I really like healthy foods too....bad foods are just easier...go figure:-)

So...starting tomorrow I will NOT EAT BAD FOOD. Now...we all know that no one is I am not saying that I will NEVER eat bad foods again. But I am going to make a HUGE effort to ask myself before I eat something "Is this bad for you??"....if it's bad I just won't eat it and I will trade it for something that isn't very bad or that isn't bad at all! Sounds like a plan to me!!!


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