Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great service at Church today:-)

Today our Pastor talked about redefining normal. It was a really good service. They talked about how we become so use to small changes in our lives that they become the new "normal" when they really aren't the "normal"..we just adapt to the change.

They talked about how we need to make the effort to become more involved in Church. Going to Church is good for you....but it's the easiest step. Getting involved with the Church and truly living your life through Christ is the hard part because it takes effort.

They handed out a book at the end of service called "Radical". It's a book that challenges you to live your life fully through Christ. I am going to check it out and see what I think.

I am still very wishy washy about how I feel about Christ. I am not sure where I stand. I do know that I would like to get more involved in the Church...and meet more people that are involved in the Church and see what I can learn from new relationships.

In his very provocative book, Radical, David Platt challenges the status quo and the way the Church does business. Arguing that American church culture runs counter to the gospel, he compels readers to forsake the American Dream "in radical abandonment to the person and purpose of Jesus Christ." He contends that taking back our faith involves actively and seriously committing ourselves to spread the gospel to all nations, owning responsibility for helping others grow in Christ, and literally caring for the poor. He then shows how we can reclaim our faith by obeying the words of Jesus, trusting God and focusing on heaven.

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