Friday, January 21, 2011

New Schedule.......

This week I started my new work schedule. I was a little nervous about it...everyone kept saying..."be really careful working from home"...."you have the be really disciplined to work from home"...etc... Now that I have made it through my first week I get an idea of what it will be like and I LOVE it!

I know that there are some people that can't work from home because of the lack of self discipline and then there are some that just don't want to work from home. Working from home really helps me with time I have to spend with my family....which means more to me then anything! I am not working from home full time...and don't think I would want to. It would be too lonely:-(

I work from home 3 days a week...and it's perfect! I get SOOOOO much work done from home. There are no interruptions....other then phone calls. When I am in the office people can stop by anytime to chat....but not at home. I also feel that I am more creative at home...which helps my job. I think it's just because I am so comfortable at allows me to be creative:-)

I will not have any problems with "not working" while I am at home. It's pretty simple. I am the only Research Director for my company...and if the works not getting done....I am not doing it...and it won't take long for people to see that...and I will lose my job. So, it's not that hard to work from home. I love my home...and would like to keep it.....must have a job to pay the bills....pretty simple really!

There are some advantages of being at home a few days a week. First of all....I was driving an hour each way to and from work every it's saving me money!! It also gives me more time at home with my family! On the days I am 5pm...I close my computer and I don't have an hour (sometimes more) drive home...I am already I have more time to help Thomas with laundry....cook dinner....etc:-)

Life is really good! This really couldn't have worked out any better for me! I am truly blessed:-) and VERY grateful!

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